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White chocolate cookies and macadamia nuts

White chocolate cookies and macadamia nuts are an unusual choice, but they have the ability to delight all your senses. We invite you to surprise your family with this tasty hors d'oeuvre that will make you look like a professional. Ingredients 2 eggs 400 g of flour 300 g of chilled white chocolate 150 g of roasted Macadamia nuts 25 g of baking soda 230 g of butter 220 g of sugar 50 ml of whole milk

Donuts dipped in white chocolate

I do not know if the same thing will happen to you, but every time we hear or read the word "donut" we imagine Homer Simpson ... If you are a fan of the "donuts" or this famous animated series, do not hesitate to read the following article . Learn to prepare some delicious donuts dipped in white chocolate to accompany a coffee or tea at breakfast, snack ... or whenever you want. Recipe of donuts dipped in white chocolate They are very rich but somewhat addictive ... so be careful

Biscuit cake and white chocolate

Who does not like biscuit cakes with chocolate? Besides being delicious, they are very easy to make and need only very basic ingredients. We give you up to 3 recipes of the biscuit cake and white chocolate for you to choose which one you like the most besides some tips and practical ideas. Biscuit cake and white chocolate Ingredients: 1/2 l of liquid cream 350 g of white chocolate for desserts 100 g of butter Mary-type 3 sheets of neutral gelatin

5 natural solutions to attenuate white stretch marks

The white striae are visible marks on the skin, with an appearance similar to the scars, which are produced by the stretching and deterioration of the elastic fibers that make up the tissue. They appear frequently among pregnant and overweight women , although they can affect anyone due to hormonal changes, They are usually located in areas susceptible to flaccidity, such as the buttocks, legs and abdomen. However, they can also occur in the breasts, arms and other visible areas of the body. Although they do not represent a serious problem,

White or pale stools: causes of its appearance and treatment

Stools vary in a large number of shades of brown and even green and black, but white stools are not normal and require a lot of attention. Stools give us information about the condition of our intestines and the digestive tract. A change in color can be a warning sign of the presence of a disease or disease. White or pale stools When the stools are white or a clay tone indicates that we have a problem in the (pancreas, liver or gallbladder). The brown color of the

White spots on the skin: what are they due to?

White spots on the skin. Do you suffer? Have you ever had them? It is common, for example, to see them on our skin on those summer days when the tan sometimes leaves unattractive white marks. What they owe? Sometimes they even appear in the back or on the face and in very young people . What originates them? What treatment should we follow? Let's talk today about this very common reality, pointing out, as always, that whenever you have any doubt or problem, always go to your doctor

Homemade lavender and white clay soap for all skin types

To make a homemade soap and natural we must follow some simple steps that, in addition, will allow us to add the ingredients we want, the most suitable for our skin type. In this article we explain how you can make a homemade soap of lavender and white clay, beneficial for all skin types for its regulatory properties , and that can be used on the face, hands and body. A homemade soap for everything We are used to using different hygiene products for each part of the body. However,

The benefits of egg white for the skin

Natural products are increasingly used in aesthetics . They are more affordable than creams, lotions and Therefore in this article we tell you what are the benefits of egg white for the skin. Do not miss it! How does egg white work on our skin? If you combine this food full of nutrients with other ingredients that you will undoubtedly have at home (or that you can easily get) you can enjoy many benefits for the skin . The best part is that you will not spend

Use baking soda with your white clothes. You will be fascinated!

Baking soda is a good Used in washing and cleaning clothes, it is a good way to gently clean garments to eliminate odors and difficult stains. This ingredient can also help to soften your clothes, enhance the effect of the detergent and maintain the white color of the garments . In addition, it also helps keep the clean. Advantages of baking in cleaning By using baking soda to clean clothes instead of detergent, we help protect the environment . We must consider that the detergent

Why do white gums get on?

Gums are a part of the body that can reflect that something in the body is not working as it should, although many ignore them. When they turn pale or of a whitish color something is definitely wrong and you have to pay attention to them. In most cases they do not represent such a serious ailment. However, sometimes they can be the number one signal that will alert us when presenting a complex clinical picture. Here are some reasons why your gums might turn white: Excess plaque in the