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Start burning calories without realizing putting these 5 tricks into practice

Eliminating excess body fat is one of the most difficult tasks for those who are struggling with overweight and While a healthy diet and daily exercise can greatly help, it is sometimes necessary to consider other habits that help achieve success. The problem is that many people have the false ideal that they can only lose weight with a strict training routine or hypocaloric diets that, in general, lack some nutrients. The truth is that there are many easy tricks to put into practice that, without exposing health, help to get rid

Cherry cheesecake without oven

Do you like cheesecakes that are easy to make and without an oven? Do you love the taste of cherries? Well here you have two simple recipes, one with cherries as an adornment and Philadelphia type cheese ... another with quark cheese and cherries inside. What cherry cheesecake do you like the most? Cherry cheesecake without oven with Philadelphia type cheese Ingredients: For the base: 200 g of cookies (the ones you like the most) 50 g butter to the point of ointment

Chocolate Custard without egg

Do not you think it's a great idea to give your children a homemade custard instead of the industrial ones full of additives, preservatives and colors? Well, these egg-free chocolate custards are a great alternative, healthy and suitable for egg intolerant. In addition you will not have any difficulty to make them since not having egg does not run the risk of being cut, as it can happen in the custard of a lifetime. And it is that when using the maizena as thickener, they are much simpler to elaborate. Ideal for inexperienced

Lemon cup cake without sugar

Sometimes it happens to us that we really want to eat something sweet but when opening the fridge there is nothing that satisfies us. We could prepare a cake but it can take a long time. For this reason, we offer you a delicious alternative: lemon cake without sugar. Perfect to take away the craving! Lemon sugar cake recipe with no sugar If you are alone at home and want to enjoy a delicious dessert, if lately you have a weakness for sweet things or you like to innovate in the

5 keys to learn to love without attachments and not suffer in the attempt

To love without attachments is not to love less or build a weak bond with the loved one. When we talk about attachments it is common to confuse some other term. It is not the same the necessary mother-child relationship that is built through that intimate and unconditional attachment with which to promote the growth and proper maturation of the baby. When we talk about relationships, the word "attachment" implies dependence , and dependence results in the loss of dignity and the destruction of self-esteem. That depersonalization that we sometimes

8 ways to get rid of abdominal swelling without any exercise

Do you have bloating and do not know how to get rid of this problem without having to resort to any type of We leave you with a series of recommendations that will allow you to alleviate this condition quickly and easily. 1. Massage to reduce gases Sometimes, the swelling that we suffer is due to an accumulation of gases. Fortunately, in these cases it is possible to avoid it with a simple What should you do? We will give the massage on the We

Delicious waffles without gluten, without dairy and without sugar

The waffles are a very appetizing sweet at any time of the day . However, on many occasions we do not eat them because they do not feel good or because they make us gain weight. In this article we give you a recipe to make waffles that do not have gluten, dairy or sugar, so they are a very healthy, nutritious, light and suitable food for everyone. Try them! Healthy waffles for everyone There is nothing more satisfying than being able to make homemade desserts that not only

Laws of life: live without pretending, love without depending and speak without offending

The authentic laws of life are not marked by a legal code , nor by family mandates nor by the new gurus of today who try to convince us about how to be happy. The law of life is marked by oneself when, little by little, it realizes where the limits are, where the sense of respect, coexistence and magic that allows us to enjoy each other in harmony. Because there are things that are not learned in books; We discover them by making mistakes, by observing and deducting, through these interactions, where

7 foods that you can keep in good condition without having to refrigerate them

After acquiring food in the market, we all face the task of storage and preservation that allows us to use them in the days and weeks after. For this, many rely on the functions of the prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria that accelerate the decomposition of the ingredients. In this can be introduced dozens of products and provisions that, in their environment, manage to remain fit for consumption. However, there are some foods whose texture and taste can be altered when stored in this element. Although they do

I want to know an intimacy without strategies or daggers

I want to know an honest intimacy and without strategies . An intimacy that does not fear, that does not exchange for love, that does not make me believe that that is to love someone. The intimacy that we establish with a partner is very important . A union that makes us feel happy, as if we were floating in the clouds. However, the beliefs we have about it cause that, when the phase of falling in love disappears, we ask ourselves: is this really love? Why does it hurt, then?