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6 keys to avoid gaining weight over the years

Over the years it seems inevitable to end up gaining weight. However, if you follow a series of recommendations and advice is very likely to avoid fattening . Take note of these key to not take those kilos of more so tedious. Keys to avoid gaining weight over the years 1. Consume flavonoids Several studies concluded that a considerable intake of flavonoids can help us maintain weight, and even lose weight a bit. In this way it is considered that the biggest association with weight loss comes from

Personality can change over the years

There is a song that says "I am like that, so I will continue, I will never change" ... Are we really all the same in terms of our personality? In the following article we will tell you how human beings have the ability to modify certain habits, behaviors and behaviors over time. Personality is forged over the years While it is common to think that since we are born until we cease to exist "we are molded in stone" and it is impossible to change our personality, the truth is that

The best tricks to take years off

When we think of seeing ourselves younger, automatically, we come to mind either very expensive and painful surgeries or treatments with a lot of creams. However, we can take years off with some tips and tricks that we will tell you in the next article. How to take years off? While it is true that we can not stop the passage of time, we do have the ability to improve our appearance and look younger . And without the need to spend a lot of money on creams or cosmetic surgeries!

3 habits that steal years of life

Your daily habits and attitudes can have a positive or negative impact on your disposition, both for daily activities and for the practice of exercises. Did you know that there are habits that steal years of life ? These go beyond the hours of From the moment your body begins to send signals that something is not working you must question your habits. Check some of these habits and ask yourself if you take them to practice. You may discover the reason for many of your most common diseases and

What vitamins does the body need at 20, 30 and 40 years

Our body has constant vitamin needs both at 20, 30 and . However, these needs are not always exactly the same . Take note of the type of vitamins that your body needs especially depending on your age. At 20 At this age you do numerous physical activities and, even if you do not know it, your body begins to prepare for motherhood. In this way you get the general resistance through polyvitamins. The elasticity of your skin, your tone and a healthy hair are

Overcame cancer with 3 years but could not with bullying

The worst fear of parents is that their child gets cancer. The treatments, the side effects, the sequels. Everything scares, not just the possibility of death. In spite of everything, every day more children show us that, even though . However, there are other circumstances that can to a greater or lesser extent destroy them. This is the case of Bethany. This 11-year-old girl decided to commit suicide, after enduring years of bullying . The bullies are always on the lookout, look for the difference to start

6 changes in your lifestyle that can give you 10 more years

Do you want to lead a healthier life? Do you get sick easily? Do you have cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes? Would you like to lose weight and no diet has given results? So, maybe it's a good time to make small changes in your lifestyle that can help you. You will see the effects almost immediately. You have right now the ability to change your way of living and start being healthier. Perhaps some people do not like the saying "new year, new life", but for others, the month

Have a good breakfast every day lengthen your life 5 years

Breakfast is the most important food of the day , since by spending so many hours without consuming any food while we sleep, we wake up with very low energies and it is impossible to start the daily activities without doing the proper "recharging". If we want to have a good performance during the day, it is necessary to make all the recommended meals, starting with a nutritious breakfast. The studies that have been done in this regard show that the consumption of a good breakfast is essential to maintain the health of the whole

Pregnancy after 35 years

Although women who have children after the age of 35 do not usually have problems in this regard, the fact is that the older the pregnancy may have risks that, in serious cases, put at risk the health of the mother or baby . Therefore it is very important to take into account some of the risks that run during pregnancy after 35 years. Of course, getting pregnant after that age is not forbidden, much less. But sometimes you should have some special care. However, medicine has advanced so much that nowadays there

10 foods that take years of life

The diet we consume is essential when guaranteeing good health and well-being of our body. The intake of some foods prevents the proper functioning of our body and hinders the proper development of various activities of daily life. "We are what we eat", therefore, food is key, since our health depends on what we eat, which is why we must have healthy and balanced food in our daily diet, avoiding excesses of various foods that can saturate our body of toxins and substances that can prevent the correct functioning of the body. Foods