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Do you live looking for love or do you let yourself be found?

Are you constantly looking for love? Many people do it, because having a partner is something very important. So much that not having it means becoming a failure . With the new technologies, in addition, we have at our disposal a host of websites in which to look for a partner? Lee: The most important thing when looking for a partner Something that has made us believe that there is no chance to meet by chance with that special person with whom we would like to share our life, if

Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

To have a happy life it is important to know each other well and have your own love but ... what else does it imply? The answer is very simple: respect towards yourself. However, this is not always easy to develop today. There are many variables that can self-sabotage and it is important to know how to open a path between them in order to be accepted and respected. This implies that it is not only to appreciate our efforts but also to know how to discern, beyond difficulties, what really benefits

Increase confidence in yourself with these tricks

Do you think you really have confidence in yourself? creer en ti mismo y en tus no es tan sencillo como quisieras . The truth is that believing in yourself and your is not as simple as you would like . You must prepare yourself for the judgments that others make against you and, even more, for those you make about yourself. The good news is that once you develop self-confidence, negative emotions take their fair measure. This means that doubts, fear or shame will appear only when they should and not

Learn to save yourself first

Learn to give yourself the importance you deserve and to save yourself first. Many times, freckles think too much about others, but that has to end. Since they were little they taught us that it is the other people who should be in the first place. Meanwhile, we adopted a secondary position. Lee: My problem is waiting for others to act as I would We understand, then, that we can only be happy if others are happy . For that we have to save them from their problems,

Learn to defend yourself critically assertively

"You have not worked very well today", "If I were you I would not have made that decision", ... Throughout a whole day you are subjected to a multitude of criticisms . Therefore, today you will learn to defend yourself critically assertively. Assertiveness is a very underdeveloped capacity that allows us to defend our rights and let others know in a respectful way. Lee: Assertiveness: 4 reasons that will make you practice it to improve your health Some examples of assertiveness can be found when we say "no" or when

5 ways to motivate yourself when you feel unmotivated

Demotivation is a state of mind that we all go through . It is very easy to find ourselves in this situation when we feel We have all dealt with these situations and it is very normal, do not feel bad about it. The important thing is that if you feel this way, you recognize it and you can stop the problem to not stay at that moment . Therefore we will give you some ways that will help you to motivate yourself in those gray moments. 1. Avoid

Make peace with yourself

I want to make peace with myself again . Because I have done so much damage and I have been carried away by so many confusing messages that, in the end, I have become my worst enemy. With just go out on the street we give each other face to face with a series of advertisements, advertising and posters that urge us to be thinner, to camouflage wrinkles, to show off more hair ... Lee: New beauty canon: Tess Munster, model XXL What happens if we have a few extra kilos,

Perfume yourself with essential oils and discover all their health benefits

Who does not like to wear a good perfume? The aroma reflects our personality, makes us feel better and more confident when it comes to socializing, while accompanying us all day. However, if we perfume ourselves with essential oils, we will also obtain some benefits for our health, both physically and psychologically. Discover in this article the healing virtues of essential oils that you can use as a daily perfume . What are essential oils? Essential oils are oily essences that are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, woods, resins

Do you get up tired and in a bad mood? Fill yourself with energy with this smoothie of grapefruit, banana and avocado

The feeling of tiredness and bad mood at the time of getting up can be the result of a bad night's sleep, nutritional deficiencies or stress. These are very common conditions that, although they are not always recurrent, affect health and The problem is that many people downplay it and ignore that it can be fought with the practice of some morning habits. In fact, there are some foods and drinks with which you can control your symptoms without risking unwanted reactions. Among the options we find a delicious smoothie

7 indicators that you do not love yourself enough

Life is so short that it is foolish to waste it worrying about what others may think about us. However, we always seek the approval of others to end up becoming people without character that we do not even know what we want. We recommend: What can we do to take care of ourselves? When our own happiness begins to depend on others , it is time that we stop to reflect on our life and how we are carrying it . Something has to change. If you