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Take care of your throat all year

Although we think that only in winter we should pay attention, the throat can also suffer in summer due to the dryness of the air conditioning or the consumption of very cold drinks. Therefore, in the following article we give you some recommendations to take care of it all year.

Tips to take care of the throat daily

In winter it is more common to pay attention to the throat, because At any time of the year we should protect the throat through the following habits:

1. Eat a healthy diet

Take care of your throat all year

Believe it or not, everything you eat influences the health of your throat. If your diet is not healthy it will be easier for you to get sick. Opt for fresh foods – even in winter – do not forget the orange juice that so much vitamin C has (and, therefore, strengthens your immune system) and choose seasonal fruits for dessert.

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2. Hydrate and hydrate

To enjoy a healthy throat it is very important that it is moist. We recommend that you consume the already famous “2 liters of water per day” to hydrate the and prevent the area from heating up and drying out, causing discomfort, pain and even hoarseness. This habit is applied all year, not only in summer.

In turn, we advise you to avoid drinks that are too cold, even when it is very hot, that you reduce the intake of coffee and alcohol and that you opt for vegetable milks instead of dairy products (which increase mucus).

3. Rest

Take care of your throat all year

If you have not slept enough, it is likely that the next day you will have trouble speaking well. Your voice will sound “scratchy” and somewhat muffled. The dream serves to repair and rest the whole organism including the throat. Therefore, if you had a day where your vocal cords worked too much, the best thing you can do is sleep more than usual.

4. Warm up

You can think that this advice is only for the cold months, but it is not like that. In we recommend that at any time of year you have a handkerchief or some accessory to cover the area. And, of course, in winter do not go out without a scarf.

5. Eat honey

Take care of your throat all year

There are many properties of honey for our health in general, and the throat in particular. This is because it is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent that can deal with any virus, bacteria or microorganism that tries to enter your body. In the case of propolis it is used to fight infections, reduce inflammation of the vocal cords and reduce dryness. You can consume a teaspoon every day fasting. If you choose honey, use it to sweeten your infusions.

6. Avoid dryness

Some places are really dry because of the air conditioning. For example, if you are going to travel by plane, we recommend you to place a wet towel or handkerchief over your mouth and nose to avoid the sensation of dryness and moisturize the vocal cords. The same thing, if you work in an office where the ventilation is very strong. And beware! because this can also happen in winter with heating to the maximum.

On the other hand, you should avoid areas or poorly ventilated sites, with a lot of smoke and noise because they are a major source of infection: they are full of mold, fungus and dust that can affect your throat.

7. Do not talk

Take care of your throat all year

Although it seems impossible many times it is good to close your mouth and allow the throat to rest. People who have jobs where the vocal cords are very demanding (receptionists, telephone operators, singers, announcers, etc.) may notice dryness or discomfort at the end of the day. Therefore, it is advisable not to talk when it is not necessary. Thus the rest and be decongest.

8. No smoking

Cigarette smoke and toxins affect not only the lungs but also the entire respiratory system including the throat and vocal cords . If you do not smoke, avoid being around people who do, because you can also suffer the consequences.

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9. Cough

Take care of your throat all year

When you feel that you have some discomfort in the throat do not resort to the usual “clearing” to clear it. On the contrary, you must cough to eliminate what is blocking the passage of air. This will avoid damaging the vocal cords. If the problem persists, drink a little water or a cup of tea of ​​your choice.

10. Express feelings

Finally, a tip that you should not leave out because even if you do not believe it, the throat is related to emotions. Therefore, when something ails you, you feel like a “knot” that does not allow you to breathe or speak well. Express what happens to you, avoid the accumulation of tensions and ask for what you need . Talk to your loved ones (or in therapy) about your

Take care of your throat all year