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The 10 easiest hairstyles to do to go out at night

The worst thing about going out is to prepare for it: clothes, hairstyles … That’s why, in this article you can find easy-to-do hairstyles to make it easier to prepare and to get rid of the laziness of going out at night.

First, there is the wet with a , which is achieved by drying it with a wide nozzle until almost all the moisture is removed. Then, you have to make a line in the middle and dry from the line to the tips until dry. Finally, the upper part and the means to the ends should be fixed with lacquer.

Easy hairstyles: braids

The 10 easiest hairstyles to do to go out at night

The second hairstyle that is proposed is the braid to the inverse , which basically consists of making a braid and turning it over. To hold it, all you have to do is keep the braid by two hairpins that hold it.

The third is the Messy

Afterwards, you just have to let the rest dry alone, perfect to combine with red lips. A very easy and elegant hairstyle is the , which should only be decorated to taste. Do not forget to brush your hair well so that it is perfect. A simple hairstyle is the hair half collected, consisting of straight hair overlaid by a pigtail of several coleteros.

Simply, you have to straighten your hair with a narrow nozzle dryer, split the hair horizontally in two, and take one of those strands to make a pigtail divided with straps separated from each other by 4 cm. Something that will break partying is a frontal bun , which has nothing more than to make a bun on the forehead and hold it with a truncheon.

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The trick is in hair loss, which must be natural and look like effortles. A braid-pigtail, in the style of Hunger Games or Princess Leia of Star Wars , which is as beautiful as decorative. Simply, you have to make two braids and join them with a rubber band.

The typical straight hair , but smoothed with dryer, not with iron. You have to dry it with a narrow nozzle dryer and use a cylindrical comb, making a line in the middle and drying it from the root to the tips. Following with the braids, the wide braid is a complicated looking hairstyle, but it really is very easy to do.

You have to make a braid with two strands from above, as a semi-collected

The 10 easiest hairstyles to do to go out at night

. Now, it is simply to take two strands at different heights to join them to the braid, and so on until the end of this. So, pigtails, braids and bows are as easy to make as they are stylish. Therefore, we must not fall into the wrong thinking that all the easy is bad or all the difficult good.

In addition, these hairstyles give a lot of play ; since, for example, the braids can go from one side to the other; only in the middle; or, also, several strands, such as the wide braid. And not only that, the braids can be shaped, like a Greek crown or a flower.

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Easy hairstyles: bows and smoothing

A bun is no longer a pickup from walking around the house. Now there are combinations that have come to the catwalk. This is the reason why comfort has finally become fashionable. A bun can be both above the head and behind; and even above the forehead as already seen in this article.

Do not forget that the queue gives a lot of play , since it can be put at various heights; with ornaments, with or without bangs , with several straps or one, long or short. In relation to a long queue, there is a simple trick to do. It is done through a high ponytail that covers the beginning and a half or low roll; this gives the appearance of a single huge ponytail.

Finally, smoothed hair will never go out of fashion; It is as easy as drying it with a narrow nozzle dryer with wet hair. For all this, there will be no excuses to go out at night with these easy hairstyles.

The 10 easiest hairstyles to do to go out at night