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The best exercises to increase the glutes

Some simple exercises can help us tone and increase the muscle mass of our buttocks to give them a more voluminous appearance , and we do not always need to be at home or in the gym, but we can do some of them while doing our daily activities.

In this article we explain step by step exercises that we can perform every day, without complications and without the need to spend too much time , to also avoid that the glutes lose their firmness.

Warming up: walking

Before exercising, it is advisable to warm up the muscles slightly. The easiest way is to walk at a fast pace for five or ten minutes, which will help us activate the circulation .

The best exercises to increase the glutes

Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the most complete exercises that exist , and it will help us to reaffirm our buttocks and our hips. It can also be used to warm up and start a series of exercises. You have to start with a few jumps and increase a little each day. We will be careful not to jump too high, but enough to allow the rope to pass, and we will do so by supporting only the tips of the feet.

Climbing stairs

This exercise is available to everyone! And it’s a way for the busiest people to exercise throughout the day. Let’s forget the elevator and always choose to go up and down stairs. We can also increase the number of stairs. In addition, we will always try to raise and lower, since in each movement different muscles work.

While we wait standing

Another exercise that we can do throughout the day is to take advantage of all the moments when we are standing waiting: at the traffic lights, in the elevator, queuing, etc. It consists of keeping us straight, with the weight distributed well on both legs, and go alternating to tense and relax each gluteus.

The famous squats

This exercise helps us work the hips, thighs and, of course, the glutes.

We will separate the feet, which are proportionally located to the hips, and we will bend the knees as if we were to sit down, being careful to always keep the back straight and without the knees exceeding the distance of the toes. While doing this exercise we will take the arms forward. Little by little we will raise the body again and relax the arms.

This exercise can also be done with the wall behind us so that when descending the back is supported well straight on the wall. In this case the feet will be some distance from the wall.

We can start with 15 squats and increase each day from five to five.

On all fours

This exercise is very powerful and we will quickly notice how our buttocks harden.

We will get on all fours, for which we recommend putting under a mat or something soft to avoid pain in the knees. We will position ourselves with the back straight in horizontal, the abs firm and the arms also straight in vertical. Another option would be supporting the elbows on the floor, if our arms or back hurt.

We will raise one leg backwards, straight, and we will raise and lower it without reaching the ground. We will repeat with the other leg

Then we can do the same exercise but with the knee bent at right angles, also going up and down.

The bridge

To do this exercise we will lie on your back, with your legs open and bent at the same distance as your hips, and with your arms stretched along your body. Slowly we will lift the body off the floor, tightening the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks well, so as not to hurt ourselves, until we reach as high as possible, then descend slowly and let the back rest quietly on the ground. This exercise is not recommended for people suffering from lordosis (deviation of the spine forward).

the bike

For weekends, or even if you have the possibility of moving daily by bike, do not forget this possibility, as it is another way to tone your buttocks and legs in general.

The best exercises to increase the glutes

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The best exercises to increase the glutes