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The best hairstyles for brides

The great day in the life of a woman is accompanied by a lot of organization and great pressures. One that is not always so simple is to choose the hairstyle for the dream night. Below, we offer you a list of the best bridal hairstyles to try to make things easier for you.

The amount of aspects to consider is huge: guests, the dress, the services to hire, the place. God! The organization of a wedding seems like a never ending task. However, this stress must be faced for what it is: a situation of happiness that will remain forever in your memory.

Therefore, you should relax and delegate tasks, get help. Meanwhile, make room for what is exclusively yours. For example, choose the hairstyle you will wear that night.

This can be somewhat complex, especially if you are an indecisive woman. We are here to help you in this mission; we show you some of the best hairstyles for brides. If you like it, suggest it to your hairdresser and start planning ideas!

The best hairstyles for brides in 2018

Of course, the hairstyle will keep a strict relationship with the shape of the woman’s face, her personal tastes and the chosen attire.

You can choose from a wide variety of options, ranging from loose hair to hairstyles with collected hair. Here we show you some options.

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Hairstyles with loose hair

The best hairstyles for brides

If you want to show off your beautiful mane on the night of your wedding, there is no impediment to it. You can also combine a hairstyle that leaves your hair free with a short or long veil, so that your makeup and your earrings acquire the prominence they deserve.

These hairstyles are usually chosen for outdoor weddings. Its aspect of ease combines very well with the nature of the beach or the countryside.

Hairstyles with collected hair: low or high bun

The low bow is an iconic wedding hairstyle. It has the advantage of leaving the face uncovered, which highlights the features and makeup of the lady.

In addition, it offers the possibility of using bright decorative details that provide a very sophisticated style. You can choose flowery details or with pearls, among other alternatives.

For its part, the top bun gives us similar options. It is one of the typical bridal hairstyles that feels very good for a traditional style ceremony.

Hairstyles with braids

The best hairstyles for brides

Fashion is also an influential factor when choosing one of the best bridal hairstyles. Therefore, braids are an option that you should evaluate.

The good thing about them is that they help you to wear a loose style by wearing them natural and undone. Also, you can choose the opposite and make braids with a bun or other hair styles collected. The number also allows you to play: do you prefer one, two or many?

The outstanding feature of hairstyles with braids is that they have the magic necessary to provide style with virtually no accessories. They look great for different types of faces and do not require big luxuries to excel.

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Hairstyles for short hair

If you wear short hair, you also have several options when choosing your wedding hairstyle. Its main benefit is that they leave the face and neck uncovered: this results in makeup and precious accessories that can enhance the image perfectly.

Vintage hairstyles

The best hairstyles for brides

The classic style is always a good option to get out of the script. There are women who manage to emphasize their features with a hairstyle in the style of the 50s.

How to achieve it? The undulations are key; In addition, the hair must be collected and, if possible, fixed with lacquer to add volume.

Tips for choosing the best hairstyle

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, many factors can influence the choice of hairstyle. When opting for one, do not forget to consider if it is appropriate according to the following aspects:

  • Wedding style If you opted for a formal party, hairstyle will not be the same as if you’ve chosen a wedding to air free .
  • Day or night? As makeup is a determining variant, so will the time of day in which you celebrate the party. If it’s night, you can be a little more creative in terms of colors.
  • The dress and the veil. The elegance and beauty of the bride are composed of several elements. Undoubtedly, the dress is the most showy; therefore, both the makeup and the hairstyle should complement it and, if necessary, compensate for its shortcomings or surplus. Then: if the dress is striking, the rest should be discreet. In the same way, the veil is fundamental for the choice of hairstyle.
  • Shape of the face It is not the same to have an oval face than a triangular or round face. This will determine both the makeup and the hairstyle. Consult your stylist on this question to recommend the most appropriate option.

Finally, the best recommendation is to take time and evaluate options. Surely you will arise or you will see thousands of best hairstyles for brides when you have already inclined for one, this always happens.

Therefore, consult magazines, websites and all the sources at your disposal to choose with fundamentals and within a wide range of options.

The best hairstyles for brides