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The best herbs that will help you gain weight

How to gain weight naturally? There are many people who, unlike most, need to take some kilos in a healthy and natural way in view of a thinness that is not comfortable or pleasant .

Sometimes, the need to gain weight is due to a health problem, a period where stress or disease has made us lose our ideal weight, or simply, is due to a genetic predisposition towards thinness.

So how can we gain weight in a healthy and balanced way? Nutritionists say that getting it is sometimes more complex than losing weight , many aspects must be controlled: avoid excess calories from industrial foods that would cause serious health problems in the long term, get people to feel enough appetite to meet all the prescribed meals, and even solve some associated digestive problems . But let’s see it carefully, also indicating which plants can help us to achieve it.

Why are there people who can not get fat?

    • Genetic causes : Some people can not eat anything other than a limited amount of food. Once it reaches your stomach, secrete a series of hormones that satisfy the appetite and prevents them from eating.
    • More muscle fiber: Sometimes, the genetic and hereditary composition of these people, they have more muscle fibers, this makes the intake of energy at rest is greater and it is very difficult to gain weight
    • Character and personality: There are people who are nervous and restless by nature. They are unable to be at rest and remain continuously active, even sitting: continuous movement of the legs and arms … all this causes them to burn calories almost every moment ..
    • Difficulty absorbing nutrients : A key factor, since our body stops receiving the energy contribution we need daily.
    • Certain diseases : such as hyperthyroidism, anorexia, bulimia, chronic diarrhea, depression, stress …

Herbs that will help you gain weight

The fenugreek

The best herbs that will help you gain weight

You may not know it, but fenugreek stands as a great ally to raise our weight, in fact it is known to increase our breasts and buttocks. But yes, knowing how to consume it .

. Inside contains similar properties to female estrogen, it is also ideal to reduce cholesterol, level blood glucose and thanks to its fiber we avoid constipation . But how to consume it? Normally you will find it in natural stores, even your doctor can prescribe it in the form of capsules. But normally you can consume it in the following ways:

      • Through its seeds.
      • Capsules or pills sold in natural stores.
      • Through its flour, being able to prepare what is called Egyptian bread.
      • Powder to flavor different preparations.
      • Tea or infusion

The most usual is without a doubt to have a tea with its seeds as soon as you get up and in the middle of the afternoon. Boil a cup of water, introduce about five seeds and drink it when you have rested for a few minutes. Throughout the day you will have to drink plenty of water, this will increase your appetite, in addition, fenugreek has saponins , which will help you to improve your digestion , improve your digestive enzymes and calories will accumulate in your body in a healthy way making you gain weight. But always remember to drink at least two liters of water a day.


The best herbs that will help you gain weight

The main function of the dandelion is to act as a tonic stimulating the appetite. Thanks to its bitter taste stimulates the flow of bile, thus improving our digestive enzymes. In order for the dandelion to take effect, we must take it three times a day, the first time we just get up . Boil four of your flowers in a cup of water. When you have rested you can take it. Half an hour later, you can consume a banana. Taking a banana every day will also help you to get healthy weight.


The best herbs that will help you gain weight

Gentian is an excellent herb that can help us gain weight. Normally it is a very effective natural remedy for people who have been convalescing due to an illness, and who must gain weight quickly and healthily, to recover their usual line.

Its properties are mainly based on improving the assimilation of the food and opening the appetite, in this way all the proteins and calories that we consume will be synthesized in a suitable way helping us to raise some sizes in a natural and healthy way. It also achieves tone the stomach and intestines, achieving a more adequate gastric secretion and a greater assimilation of enzymes. Do not stop trying it. You can find it in the natural stores, there you can buy your bags for infusions that you can take after each meal.

The best herbs that will help you gain weight