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The best way to discolor hair without mistreating it

There are different products in the market to lighten the hair but its chemical components can cause mild to severe and sometimes irreversible damage to our hair. In addition, many girls tend to paint their hair many times a year and thus are more likely to damage it. Have you ever wondered how to bleach hair without mistreating it?

However, changing the tone and specifically clarifying it, can make us look more beautiful, and even younger. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of less aggressive and even natural techniques to lighten our hair and bring it to the tone we want. Also , they can serve to maintain the rinsing for a longer time, to reduce the frequency of application of abrasive products .

What is done when the hair is bleached?

The best way to discolor hair without mistreating it

The hair is divided into three parts. On the one hand we find the cuticle that is formed by cells composed of keratin and it is responsible for protecting the interior of the hair also influencing the brightness and color of the hair fiber.

On the other hand, the crust. The cortex forms the interior of the hair, its composition is around 70% of the mass, the rest are keratinized cells . And finally the marrow. It is the central part of the hair where the natural pigments and fats of the sebaceous glands are concentrated . Its structure is porous and of consistency to the hair.

To discolor it is a process where the proportion of the color of the hair decreases, directly affecting the pigments. The combination of oxygenated water and the lightening product, produce the action of releasing active oxygen by attacking the pigment resulting in rinsing. The rinsing will depend on the initial pigmentation of the hair.

To achieve an intense blonde in dark hair we must practice this exercise several times. Now, the discoloration with chemical products is an aggressive process. Therefore, it should be done with caution as it can bring negative consequences in the future and even at the time of application, the more you decolor your hair the more damage you can cause.

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How to discolor hair without mistreating it, naturally?

Rinse your hair without mistreating it and naturally it is possible . With these techniques we will lower the intensity of the color that you have at that moment. Also, something if you can be sure and that the shine of your hair will be noticed.

1. Rinse with chamomile

The best way to discolor hair without mistreating it

Chamomile is one of the most used products to lighten the hair so we enunciate it in the first place, lemon is another lightening agent and we will combine it with chamomile. The procedure is easy.

In a pot, we boil two glasses of water. When it is boiling, we place two bags of chamomile flowers. Then, we take it to the refrigerator to cool. When it is cold, add the juice of half a lemon.

With the wet hair and with the help of a sprayer or spray, we apply our mixture in the hair leaving it to act for around twenty minutes. This operation must be done at least twice a week to enjoy the results.

To enhance the results we can add chamomile extract to the shampoo. In this way, we enhance the effect with the daily bath. There are even products of this type that commercially have chamomile extract.

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2. Lemon, egg and beer mask

The first thing we will do to discolor the hair without mistreating it, is to beat the egg white to the point of snow. At this point, we will place half a glass of beer without alcohol. Mix with a wooden palette and add the lemon .

We apply this mask on wet hair massaging and let it act for a time of twenty minutes , rinse with plenty of water. We will also perform this treatment twice a week. You see? Beer is also good for something else.

3. Rinse with apple vinegar and honey

The best way to discolor hair without mistreating it

Another way to discolor hair without mistreating it is to place it in a pot over medium heat: water and two tablespoons of Once the water reaches its maximum boiling point, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and let the whole mixture heat for a couple of minutes more. Remove from heat and bring it to refrigerate.

Once it is cold, we apply it to our hair and with the help of a dryer, at a warm temperature, we will make the absorption of the preparation easier. As in the previous techniques, we let act for 20 minutes and then remove with plenty of water.

After the rinsing, we must be aware that it will be necessary to lavish on the hair its maximum care. It is the right thing to do if we want to wear a fabulous mane forever.

The best way to discolor hair without mistreating it