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The choice of our thoughts, we are

We have to keep in mind that we are the ones who choose what thoughts we are going to retain or expel, what thoughts we will choose or what thoughts we will discard.

Thus, we build our own strongbox of thoughts, our own repertoire, giving more or less importance to each one of them, providing some stronger foundations, others weaker ones, sustaining them, feeding them, keeping them as our companions during the time let’s choose

During this process we create each one of us, our own filter of reality, accepting that which is more in line with our schemes and discarding that which is not related as much. We filter the reality according to our thoughts, values, feelings, emotions and needs.

What is the best belief we can have?

The one that confirms that we have the control of our decisions , and that through them we can modify any thought or state of our mind. This allows us flexibility, knowing that even if we have a series of more or less stable tendencies, we also have the ability to choose, not to be rigid, and to be able to adopt what produces more benefits and welfare.

, tú tienes la suficiente capacidad como para teñir ese día de colores más claros , tú puedes elegir que pensamiento puede invadirte en ese momento y qué pensamiento puedes desechar. It does not matter that one day you have dark tones , you have enough capacity to dye that day with lighter colors , you can choose which thought can invade you at that moment and what thought you can discard.

Therefore, in order to achieve a change, we must begin by believing in that change, above all, in the strength, motivation, and power of our decision, and ultimately, in our thinking.

We have to believe in ourselves , in our potential capacity to be and act, and bear in mind that thought can give meaning to our lives, but it also has the capacity to ruin it for us. So, we choose well what is our repertoire of thoughts, and include that which allows us the possibility of change, in us finally is the control of our decisions.

The choice of our thoughts, we are