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The consequences of environmental pollution on the body

Every day we are exposed to all kinds of environmental pollution and its consequences are harmful to our body.

If we live in a city where smog is too high perhaps our life expectancy will be reduced. In this article we tell you more about it.

Environmental pollution: “our daily bread”

Pollution is a problem rather than serious and has harmful effects not only on the planet, but in all the beings that live in it.

Being in direct contact with environmental pollution produces

Cars, factories, certain production systems, water with certain waste and also household appliances are responsible for the increase in respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

Mortality in cities has increased due to the level of environmental pollution.

Before continuing, we must understand well what “environmental pollution” is.

Basically it is the discharge of any toxic material to the soil, air or water and that can cause an imbalance in the ecological balance of the planet, reducing the quality of life of those who inhabit it.

Since man began to organize in towns or communities, pollution is present (for example, the sewage that was thrown into the rivers in the Middle Ages).

However, in recent years the industry is one of the main pollutants in the world .

The consequences of environmental pollution on the body

The pollution has reached such an extreme that it is no longer an alien problem for any of us even though we live far away from the big cities.

The discharge of waste in rivers and seas, the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere, the use of chemical products for cleaning or the use of certain means of transport such as cars have direct effects on our health.

Types of environmental pollution and their consequences

According to the natural resource that is damaged, we can divide the environmental contamination in these groups:

Water contamination

The consequences of environmental pollution on the body

It happens when chemicals or biological substances are thrown into the watersheds, seas or lakes. These elements affect the quality of the water and the beings that live in it.

It also of course affects people, since we consume fish that develops in polluted waters and, also, because we introduce many

Among the main diseases caused by water pollution we can highlight:

  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis

These pathologies damage the stomach and intestines.

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When a factory or company throws heavy metals into rivers or basins, our body suffers an overdose of fluoride, zinc, selenium or chromium (among other materials).

Therefore, several organs (kidneys, pancreas, liver, among others) can not function properly.

Air pollution

It could be said that it is the type of environmental pollution that we know or see most if we live in the city.

The smog thrown by cars or buses accumulates in the atmosphere and has unwanted effects on all living beings (in addition to damage to the environment).

In the air there are many pollutants, among them carbon monoxide,

Smoke is the biggest pollutant to which we expose people, animals and plants.

In the first two, it irritates the respiratory system and visibility, while increasing the possibility of suffering from lung or throat diseases (for example, cancer).

The burning of garbage in urban areas further aggravates the situation, as well as breathing cigarette smoke.

Soil pollution

The consequences of environmental pollution on the body

It can happen due to a bad use of the land or to throw garbage and certain chemical agents to the ground.

One of the main examples of this type of contamination is the use of fertilizers and insecticides .

While they serve to accelerate the production of crops and prevent the attack of pests, they have a disastrous consequence on the state of the land.

If we eat vegetables or cereals that have grown under this type of “treatments” our nervous system will be affected, in addition to suffering from

Another type of soil contamination is caused by the accumulation of garbage in landfills.

With the rains and the decomposition process a “leachate” is formed, that is to say, a highly polluting liquid waste that is filtered to the ground and to the groundwater .

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Acoustic pollution

The consequences of environmental pollution on the body

We do not realize that this type of pollution is as serious as the others and we suffer it on a daily basis.

The modern world leads us to suffer different physical and psychological damages by the sounds and sounds we hear that we expose ourselves day after day. For example they alter our rest and performance at work.

However, there are more serious effects of being exposed to noise pollution on a daily basis.

If the noise exceeds 130 decibels, it causes a headache or physical pain and if it is greater it can cause permanent damage to the auditory system.

The noise of the speakers, the means of transport and even listening to very loud music increases irritability, blood pressure and

In addition, it reduces productivity and causes allergic reactions. The nervous system is the most affected by this type of contamination.

The consequences of environmental pollution on the body