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The importance of healing the bowel to heal the skin

There are many people who, once overcome their acne outbreaks in their youth, are insecure and full of doubts about the state of their skin.

Therefore, they are continually looking for alternatives to heal the skin.

There are many products on the market for the treatment of dry skin, with anti-wrinkle, , etc. However, we must also consider that the exterior of our organism can be a reflection of the interior .

The interior and exterior affect to heal the skin

The importance of healing the bowel to heal the skin

A treatment to heal the skin can be found, curiously, in a cure of the intestine.

Do not forget that our skin is directly integrated with the vital functioning of our body.

In fact, some as acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis are clear symptoms that there is more at stake in our body.

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Combined medicine to heal the skin

For the treatment of the problems of our dermis and to heal the skin, it is necessary to go beyond the superficial problem.

It is necessary to treat it in a functional way, using a kind of “systems medicine”, as it is being called.

This type of medicine can find out the causes of some ailments in the interconnected systems of our body .

For example, functional medicine treats acne and many other skin conditions such as inflammatory disorders of our autoimmune mechanism.

For all these reasons, functional medicine focuses on the personalization of attention to the needs of each person.

The importance of healing the bowel to heal the skin

Tests to heal the bowel and heal the skin

In order to heal the intestine it is necessary to obtain laboratory tests, analyze the fecal matter and check the intestinal organ and the health of the microbiome.

To look and detect the level of bacteria, the analysis of some consecutive days should be done.

Blood test

With a blood test we can detect if the bowel defense system has been affected.

Allowing the particles of undigested food and bacteria to be in the blood causes an inflammatory response in the body.

Foods to heal the intestine and heal the skin

The importance of healing the bowel to heal the skin

The most harmful foods for the intestine are those processed, those that have toxic ingredients in their composition.

All these products can not be assimilated correctly.

Among the foods that can best help repair the so-called connection between the intestine and the skin, are:

Bone broths

Almost all of us have seen it at home since we were very young. It is a very traditional healing food. And it has a very beneficial collagen to and intestine.

Herbal tonics

There are some herbal tonics with high efficacy to cure chronic infections.

One of them is the so-called “Swedish bitter”, which has proven effective for the cure of certain diseases, as well as to provide balance to stomach acid.

Fermented vegetables and vegetables

A few fermented vegetables are excellent products to provide our microbiome with beneficial

It is convenient to include in our diet:


It is also an excellent product rich in bioavailable nutrients. However, it is not recommended to take it in excess.

Coconut oil

Some fats are essential to heal this gut-skin axis. also provides natural antimicrobial benefits and is very beneficial for improving the skin.

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Fermented beverages

Certain fermented milk drinks, as is the case with kefir, are rich in a probiotic that is very beneficial for our skin , and it is proven that they improve their appearance.

Fermented cod liver oil is another highly recognized healing food. This oil is rich in certain nutrients, as is the case of vitamins A, D and K2.

It is also an interesting source of skin healing.

Some examples of the relationship between the intestine and the skin

Psoriasis is one of the most characteristic examples that our body tries to eliminate internal toxins , which filters through the intestinal walls. It is what is known as “leaky gut syndrome”.


Also celiac disease often causes skin problems. A large part of the gluten intolerant also have irregular skin manifestations.

The importance of healing the bowel to heal the skin