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The importance of using sunscreen

Using sunscreen is not something we can do without . Although sometimes we get lazy, this element is extremely important for the health of our skin. Therefore, it is essential that we know today how necessary it is.

Many times, we think that sunscreen is only necessary during the summer . We remember it as that greasy cream that we want to get rid of by getting into the water of the pool or the beach.

However, sunscreen is much more than this. Let’s see it

Sunscreen protects our skin

The importance of using sunscreen

This has to be very clear. Sunscreen protects our skin, it is like clothes for our body . So, just as we cover our bodies with clothes, we must cover our skin with sunscreen.

It does not matter that we put cream on , or that we use one that says it has a protection factor.

  • These creams have a very low protection factor, so they would only be suitable for use at night.
  • For the day, always apply, in addition to a cream, sunscreen .

However, maybe just thinking about it makes us lazy. Therefore, we are going to discover some characteristics that we must keep in mind so that putting on sunscreen does not cost us so much:

  • Choose the one that is suitable for your skin : Do not put on any sunblock if you have oily skin , because it can get shine. Find the one that has the features you need.
  • Find the brand you feel comfortable with: Just as we look for a brand of cream with which we feel comfortable, we have to do the same with sunscreen.
  • Use a cream suitable for each part of the body: Do not use a body sun cream for the face . This is a mistake. Doing so can cause the skin to remain oily and, as a consequence, we are too lazy to apply it again.

If we follow these 3 simple keys, we will not have problems to apply sunscreen every morning with our daily cream.

Also, we may also encourage you to take it with you to use anywhere if we need extra protection .

Avoid skin cancer

The importance of using sunscreen

Exposing ourselves to the sun without protection will cause it to be exposed to lightning and to be more at risk of suffering from skin cancer. People with many moles are more susceptible, so they should take special care.

However, it is not enough with the previous recommendations to protect our skin, but we have to take into account what protection factor we need. Someone who has many moles will need maximum protection .

If a person has already tanned skin, they will need a much lower protection factor. Also, you may even dare to use sprays or oils that are lighter when you put them on your skin.

However, for whiter people, with sensitive skin or many moles, we will always recommend using creams . The creams are thicker and more covering and guarantee greater protection. Just what they need this type of skins.

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The skin has memory

The importance of using sunscreen

Using sunscreen right now is important , as well as checking our skin at least once a year. Above all, if we have moles, it is important that the doctor check them in case.

Let’s not forget that the skin has memory . If there was a year in which we suffered a great burn and with the passage of time a mole has appeared, or if with time it suffers modifications, it may be an incipient melanoma .

Therefore, we have to attend to the skin not only of our face, but also of our body. We must pay attention to new moles or significant changes that suffer those we already have.

Remember that it does not matter if we are in winter or summer. Sunscreen is essential to be used at all times and seasons of the year. Sometimes, we will only need to use it on the face, sometimes on the arms and sometimes on the whole body.

Even the brightest skins need some kind of protection , however low it may be.

If you have not included sunblock in your daily beauty care, we recommend that you do so from now on. Do you wear sunscreen in your day to day?

The importance of using sunscreen