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The most common physical and mental disorders

There is a wide variety of psychosomatic disorders. It is about those that have a psychological origin and that, at a certain point, present with discomfort in the organism; that is, the person somatizes. For this reason, there are several physical and mental disorders closely related to each other.

Nowadays it is not strange to hear many people say that they suffer from disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress. In fact, in the world population its incidence is quite high . Many consider that these disorders are the main evils of the 21st century. And since they suppose a diminution of the quality of life, in general lines, the most consequent would be to look for solutions.

From a historical point of view, society has experienced a development that has marked a tendency towards sedentary lifestyle. Unlike the kind of jobs that used to be carried out during industrialization, most of today’s tasks do not require almost a physical effort. On the other hand, intellectual activity has increased markedly.

Most common physical and mental disorders

1. Muscle contractures in the neck

The most common physical and mental disorders

Humans need exercise to

If we add to this the same position for hours, forcing the neck and arms, to operate the computer or electronic cervical damage is assured. The musculature is inflamed by an effort incompatible with our state of form. In addition to pain, this swelling can cause the bones to move, which can become a bigger problem.

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2. Blood circulation problems

The new jobs are much more stressful. With smartphones, people stay connected for longer. This has directly affected the levels of stress and anxiety. As for the physical environment, this affects an increase in blood pressure and the adoption of unhealthy All this is aggravated by the lack of sport. Therefore, blood circulation problems are very common.

3. Stress

The most common physical and mental disorders

Chronic stress, in which a large part of the population lives, considerably affects the quality of life. By keeping your guard up to meet daily challenges and demands, this often causes the organism to wear down.

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4. Anxiety

One of the most common physical and mental disorders is we feel that we do not do enough , that we could try harder.

Many people feel overwhelmed, overburdened and exhausted with their pace of life and the expectations of society today. Everything develops so fast that often there is not an appropriate time margin for a positive reaction.

5. Depression

The most common physical and mental disorders

The origin of physical and mental disorders is very diverse. These cause discomfort or difficulties that can be very varied. It depends on each person. It can present from a migraine to gastric discomfort. The issue is that sometimes, they are treated in isolation, so their therapies do not have the desired success. For this reason, it is very important to seek professional help.

6. Eating disorders

The best known are . The fact of stopping eating or eating food and supplements in an uncontrolled way is harmful. Therefore, they are considered as part of the most complicated physical and mental disorders.

When you suffer from bulimia and anorexia, we lack the most basic nutrients, so the body begins to fail. As for the vigorexia, the protein and supplements are abused and our digestive system is not able to assimilate it. Consequently, it accuses the effort, so that it can result in very serious pathologies.

Physical and mental disorders should not be underestimated because they are common . It is important to seek and, if necessary, learn (or relearn) to manage our emotions to ensure that things do not affect us so intensely.

The most common physical and mental disorders