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The need to cry for being too strong

My need to cry is not born of weakness , of the lack of strength to resist, of the desire to throw away everything that has been achieved so far overboard.

This trouble comes from how strong I have been and how much I need to free myself.

We still consider the one who cries weak . We even recriminate ourselves when tears come to light because of circumstances we have had to deal with.

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Support a difficult situation after another, be the column of the family, always be standing but what you want is to drop … You force yourself to be strong while everything is wobbling around you .

Even the most resistant tree yields to a tsunami

The need to cry for being too strong

Now you cry, you vent, but it’s normal. Even the strongest tree yields to the force of a tsunami. You are not of stone, you have endured blows of many fronts .

The worst you could do would be to hold those tears. Swallow them all and pretend that you do not need to take them out.

You know that sooner or later they will end up in tears. However much you delay that moment, it will come. No one can be strong every day of his life .

Many less when everything around him has turned against him.

So he cries. Remove all the anger, frustration and fatigue that you have inside. You will feel much better after doing it. After all, we all end up exploding.

Being tough is a responsibility . However, by some side all that pressure to which we have submitted must leave.

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Accept this and allow yourself not to try to be so perfect.

The need to cry due to stress

The need to cry for being too strong

Our need to cry after periods in which we have endured too much is the result of the stress we have accumulated.

Whether we want it or not, this state accompanies us in many moments and situations of our life. It always appears when we least need it.

Sometimes, it encourages us to stop, stop and stop carrying too many obligations.

However, stress consists of three well differentiated phases that you need to know how to identify . In this way, we can better manage everything that happens around us.

The alarm phase

It is when the flight response is activated, that in which we are very willing to face a danger. In this stage we do not think, we only act.

The period of resistance

If the previous situation is prolonged, we will move on to this stage in which we will be prepared to face whatever comes, no matter what it may be .

We draw strength from anywhere to stay firm, but we end up running out.

The stage of exhaustion

the situation that has stressed us does not disappear, but our level of alert loses strength.

It is then when we are one step away from crying, from the search for that liberation that allows us to let go, because we have resisted too much.

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Set limits

The need to cry for being too strong

Without having experienced this circumstance it is difficult to act so that it does not happen again.

For this, it is very important that we set limits , that we think more about ourselves and not give when we have no more to offer.

  • Sometimes, either because we are parents, figures of authority or because they have imposed a certain responsibility on us, we throw ourselves into the back endless stones that end up sinking us.
  • We are strong, yes, but, as we have seen, this does not last long. In the end, the stress to which we submit can be with us.

We are human, not machines. We have a limit .

  • Therefore, it is important to be alert of those phases already mentioned in order to put a brake on everything we are doing and what is affecting us.

Stopping on time will be beneficial to know how far we can go.

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The need to cry for being too strong

However, there is something even more important that you have to learn to do. It is to accept that you can not always be that wall where others support themselves, that beam that supports everything.

Allow yourself to be weak, to cry, to collapse . Only accepting this, you can resurface and adopt measures that protect you, that do not take you to these extremes.

Only you know how far you can go. Do not empty yourself completely. If you’re not capable, nothing happens . Your need to cry is positive, it will help you.

The need to cry for being too strong