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The new benefits of vitamin C

As it is very well known by everyone, vitamins are very important for the health and good functioning of our body , among the most recognized and that provides the greatest amount of benefits is ; This is very important both for health, as well as for the good appearance of the skin, it is also of great help in the growth and repair of tissues .

Recent studies have shown that there are new benefits that this vitamin gives us and that can mean big changes in our daily diet. Let’s meet them.

Vitamin C and its benefits

Through studies conducted by British researchers at they concluded that vitamin C has many more benefits than has always been believed. One of those discoveries is that this vitamin has a large number of agents that can protect us from the harmful effects of different pollutants found in the air, such as those that produce the gases expelled by cars.

During this research, at least 209 people between the ages of 54 and 74 years were studied, through which it was determined that there is a very strong relationship between and the pollution produced by automobile fuels.

The experts found that at least 35 percent of this population are at increased risk of , the curious thing about this information is that all these people have very low levels of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has the great ability to cancel the action of , so people who are accustomed to regularly consume foods rich in vitamin C, are very well protected from health problems that can cause pollution. It is also known that free radicals can contribute to the development of cancer and to suffer from heart disease, as well as some respiratory diseases.

Foods that give us vitamin C

As we already know, the regular consumption of this important vitamin greatly favors the health of our entire body, but above all it can prevent us from suffering diseases such as

Fruits rich in vitamin C

Vegetables rich in vitamin C

In this way we can reach the conclusion that this important vitamin can not be missing in our daily diet , besides the foods that can bring us these benefits – like the fruits and vegetables mentioned above – are a true delight.

Many are quite refreshing if they are eaten in their natural presentation or of course, you can prepare delicious smoothies. Regarding vegetables, we can add them to soups or salads.

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The new benefits of vitamin C