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If you are at this point it is because you enjoy sexual positions . Because of this we have compiled all the available information to show you everything related to the helicopter posture . Undoubtedly will awaken interest in trying new things.

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that any sexual position that is your preference will always help, as soon as it is agreed with your partner , to improve the satisfaction in bed. The surprises in sex are always a plus.

Now, in order to carry out this intricate and challenging position, you and your partner must be aware that it takes a little more effort and dedication to achieve it. I mean, it’s not really comfortable.

However, the pleasure for both lovers is guaranteed. Without forgetting that it is a remarkable and fun experience if executed with the right partner.

Discover the posture of the helicopter and since the day of love is coming, let’s hope you have this ace up your sleeve.

What is the position of the helicopter?

A demanding position The position of the helicopter

It is true, sexual postures are the result of imagination and serve to encourage, excite and promote desire and lust at the moment of stripping our privacy (worth the verb “undress” doubly).

If you want to practice this demanding but at the same time different position, you must take into account several factors.

  • One of the participants lies face up.
  • While the other sits on the penis.
  • The one on the penis should rest on the heels.
  • Immediately after, start to circle the body of the person on the back, keeping the penis inside.

Benefits and contributions that this position has

The incidence that each position has or not in the sex will always depend on how it is done and the characteristics of those who develop this sexual exercise.

Particularly the position of the helicopter is a challenge at the moment of carrying it out in privacy. It awakens skepticism and is always seen as an exaggeration of sexual capacities.

However, it is a position that brings benefits with respect to physical activity.

Being so demanding, he fights a sedentary lifestyle and breaks the routine (sometimes monotonous) of some widely used positions. The person who executes it must be in constant movement and applying some remarkable force.

In the sexual and relationship field, it provides benefits of rapport among the participants. In addition, it is not exclusive with the different forms of penetration. It can be anal and vaginal .

Origin and emergence The position of the helicopter

The origin of this position is somewhat uncertain. Although some attribute it to the Indian text of the kamasutra , nevertheless the denomination “helicopter” does not appear within the mentioned manual.

With regard to the emergence, after the sexual explosion in the 60’s, many of the sexual positions appeared and quickly traveled the whole world.

These have become part of the culture of lovers and are a great contribution to sex.


From the point of view of who is penetrating, the sensation is absolutely incredible due to the visual stimulation and the changes of dilation caused by the turns that are made on the erect penis.

While for the person who is penetrated, enjoys the anatomy of the penis in all its fullness, not to mention that the increase in the signs of excitement increase with the touch of the turns.

All this without forgetting that the rhythm and control is in his domain.

Disadvantages The position of the helicopter

Among the disadvantages that can be presented with the helicopter position are several factors that are related to the unequal requirement.

Who penetrates alone lies lying on his back, holding the erection. On the other hand, who is penetrated must do everything . Rotate, maintain the position held by the heels, move the hips, take care of the balance … These are some of the disadvantages that exist.

Also, if the penetration is anal , the sensation regarding lubrication is very different than during the vaginal action. The muscles of the anus do not dilate easily and that area does not lubricate naturally. It can be quite annoying.

The important thing before attempting this position is to know that you are fit within the roles demanded by the position . You also have to create the right environment to be favorable.

Do not forget the main ingredients: pre-games, sexual propositions, communication and disposition.

The position of the helicopter

The 2 Week Diet


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