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The problems caused by holding urine

It is very natural that we have the need to go to the bathroom, for this reason we must do it with certain frequency, since the organism needs to eliminate everything that no longer serves it at all.

The habit that many people have to withstand urine can bring serious consequences, these periods of retention produce serious urinary infections, are bacterial infections that often affect the urinary tract. This happens because of the germs that contain urine and have been in the bladder for a long time, with the passage of time these infections can spread to the kidneys and become the cause of much more serious diseases such as we will see right away.

Kidney stones

People who are prone to develop and for one reason or another hold the urge to urinate, should pay close attention because the consequences with respect to the calculations can be much worse. These are small stones that are formed in the kidneys because of sodium or calcium, and if the urine is not expelled regularly, the time will come when these stones have to leave the urinary tract and the pain they will produce will be unbearable.


This is a problem that mainly affects women, and it is inflammation of the bladder walls , commonly called

  • Pelvic pain
  • Burning and pain when urinating

The amounts of urine are minimal, so visits to the bathroom will be much more frequent.

Widening of the bladder

An average bladder can store about fifteen ounces of liquid, if you drink eight glasses of water daily they are equivalent to sixty-four ounces, that is, the bladder could store an excess of a quarter of the glasses of water you drink. daily then it is useless to be a very constant person to take the liquids that are required to have your body well hydrated and your kidneys in good condition if you do not go to the bathroom at the moment you feel the need.

One of the main effects that is sought by recommending everyone to drink enough liquid is precisely to , and this is achieved by nothing more and nothing less than evacuating the water we drink through urine, and with this the waste that the body no longer needs and that, on the contrary, can cause countless problems.

Adverse effects

As we have already mentioned, enduring the desire to urinate can cause adverse effects such as:

As you may have noticed, there are many health problems that you could avoid only by quickly going to the calls of your body and pay attention to the needs of this.

We hope that through these recommendations you worry more about keeping your bladder free of harmful residues and keep your kidneys in perfect condition; remember that these are one of the main organs of our body and it would be irresponsible on our part that by the laziness of stopping for a moment from our work place and going out to look for the bathroom, we will cause a serious health problem.

The problems caused by holding urine