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The relationship between migraine and digestion

One of the most common and unknown causes of migraine or recurrent headaches, which mostly affect women, is related to the digestive system. Next we review the keys to find the foods that may be causing the migraine , as well as some simple and natural remedies to alleviate the moments of crisis.

What are the possible causes?

Migraine can be due to several causes:

These are just some of them, since there may be others, but there is a cause that is very common and instead is not usually taken into account, and that has to do with the stomach and liver, especially when there is pain in the temples and eye discomfort.

If we have ruled out these other causes, one way to check this is to try to relate the appearance of migraines with the food of the last 24 hours.

We will make a list of the foods that we have consumed, remembering that it also influences the way we have consumed them, our mood, among others. Sometimes we do not digest a food well because we do not chew it well, or because we eat in a moment of stress. It could also happen that we do not tolerate certain nutrients well; the most common are those that contain lactose and gluten.

Natural treatment

If the migraine has a hepatic-digestive origin, the solution will also pass through there. The first step is, then, to make a cleansing diet facilitating the elimination of toxins, at least until we notice improvement:

  • Fruits and vegetables , preferably raw or in juices and broths
  • Whole grain gluten-free: rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat
  • Legumes of easy digestion: guistantes, lentils
  • Hard or water- borne egg
  • Nuts : nuts, hazelnuts and raw almonds
  • Dried fruits : plums, figs, raisins and dates
  • Seeds : sunflower, pumpkin, sesame
  • Vegetable oils of first cold pressure
  • Natural sweeteners: stevia and agave syrup

We will also drink a lot of water between meals, that is not cold (since it cools the liver) and with a little lemon juice.

We will eat small quantities distributed throughout the day, chewing food well, and in a relaxed environment.

When we are better and we decide to incorporate the rest of the food again, we will do it little by little, to see if any of them cause us migraines. We will not introduce several new foods at once , but we will do it one by one.

Let us be very attentive to the reintroduction of:

  • Milk and derivatives: start with yogurt or kefir. If we notice the milk gives some reaction we can try the milk of goat or sheep, which is more digestive.
  • Gluten : we will start with oatmeal, which is low in gluten, and we will be attentive when reintroducing bread, pasta, pastries, etc.
  • Animal protein: there are many people who have difficulty digesting animal protein, so we will include it in small quantities, combining it only with vegetable.
  • Legumes : if any legume gives us bad digestion and / or migraine, we will try to cook it with cumin and kombu seaweed, and we will eat it crushed, in the form of cream. To know if the problem is really the legume or the way to cook it.
  • Peanuts : although they are nuts many people have allergic reactions when consuming them.

The relationship between migraine and digestion

Foot baths

To lower the inflammation of the head we can resort to foot baths with very hot water for 20 or 30 minutes. They will still be more effective if we add two tablespoons of to the water.

Pink clay face masks

The poultices of pink clay, which is a mixture of white and red clay, will help us to reduce the inflammation of the head.

Medicinal plants

These three plants, prepared in infusion or extract, will help us quickly relieve the discomfort of migraine:

  • Matricaria: it is the most indicated plant for migraines
  • Hierbaluisa : relaxing and digestive
  • Mint: digestive and refreshing

The relationship between migraine and digestion

Mineral-medicinal waters

As we have to drink a lot of water between meals to help the body eliminate toxins, it will still be more effective if we drink mineral bicarbonated sodium water , ideal to combat the acidity that characterizes migraines.

Ancient remedy

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The relationship between migraine and digestion