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The risks of injuries in summer. How to avoid them?

When summer arrives with its long hot days, the lesions increase exponentially. Injuries in summer are more frequent than in other times.

The summer season is an invitation to go on holiday to the beach or in the mountains. At the same time, it also encourages people who stay at home to practice some sporting activity.

On the way to fun, summer injuries

At the time of leaving vacations, many move to their destinations by car.

Recover lost time

The risks of injuries in summer. How to avoid them?

25% of muscle injuries during the summer are due to lack of physical preparation .

This insufficient preparation includes the inadequate or non-existent warm up prior to starting any sporting activity. Another 25% is derived from muscle overload or extreme fatigue.

With the good weather, there are many people who want to do in a week all the exercise they did not practice in a year. The human body does not work in this way. Advances in any are progressive.

Sprains or muscle strains are common in those who want to run or walk long distances from one day to the next.

The same usually happens with people who sign up in gyms. Routine weight lifting routines or high-impact sports such as the

The recommendation to avoid unnecessary evils, in addition to taking the time and the desire to exercise properly, is to take things slowly .

No one who does not train regularly should try to jog 10 kilometers or adopt a training routine of a professional athlete.

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At the sea’s shore

Walking on the sand with , resting directly on the sea surface, is common in summer. It is an extremely pleasant activity, but also dangerous.

There are many risks that must be considered:

  • The sandy soil is not uniform, has potholes and unevenness. A bad footprint can give rise to sprains in the ankle.
  • Many beaches are not totally free of solid waste (including broken glass). They must also consider elements of the marine ecosystem, such as stones or snail shells. They are imperceptible to the naked eye.

Accidentally stepping on any of these elements can lead to cuts and injuries of some severity .

  • The sand does not need to receive much sun to increase its temperature to intolerable limits. The soles of the feet may end up full of blisters if they are exposed for a long time to these conditions.

The recommendation is not to do without good footwear . The same happens when playing soccer. Other frequent injuries are fractures of the toes after kicking a ball without shoes.

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Injuries in summer and accidents in water: the greatest danger

The risks of injuries in summer. How to avoid them?

On the beach or in the pools, the figures of all types of accidents in the water increase alarmingly during the summer holidays. Many with fatal results.

The risk lies in the excessive imprudence and overconfidence of bathers .

Despite all the warnings and in some cases, even prohibitions, alcohol intake is also present in several of the cases.

To minimize any risk, you should not consume

We must take care of the recommendations of the lifeguards. Those people who like to swim in deep water and travel to an unknown beach, should do so with caution.

They can ask directly the staff responsible for the safety of bathers on the behavior of the tides.

On the other hand, the number of children involved in drowning during the summer season is extremely alarming . A careless second of the parents may be enough to cause a fatality.

The main recommendation is to keep the children constantly monitored . Also, we must talk about the risks to which they are exposed when entering or staying near water, both in swimming pools and in the sea.

The risks of injuries in summer. How to avoid them?