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The strange noises that the body makes

Although we know most of the strange noises that our body emits, sometimes these manage to disturb us.

There are more notorious sounds than others, so our organism can be a great concert. However, we do not always like these sounds and some make us have a hard time. As in the case of flatulence.

What strange sounds does the body make?

The human body functions like a machine . And although all the gears work properly, each process generates a different sound.

Some sounds are not pleasant and, therefore, can be classified as noise. These can be strange if they appear when we are with others and even when we are alone. However, by understanding why they occur we can avoid embarrassing situations.

We must know that strange noises are part of the mechanisms that the body uses to find well-being. Pay attention to the most curious.

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1. Whistling in the nose

The strange noises that the body makes

Surely it has happened to you that when you breathe your emits a whistle. Maybe at night when you were very tired or after spending several hours in front of the air conditioning. The truth is that these strange noises are produced when the nasal passages have accumulated mucus and the air flow becomes obstructed .

While this is normal when we are cold or allergic, when the noise (and there is no congestion) can be due to a tear in the cartilage of the nostrils or a deviation of the nasal septum. In these cases it is recommended to consult with an otolaryngologist.

2. Snoring

Although it is considered strange noises, in reality, they can be very common. His explanation is interesting. The main cause of its generation is the obstruction of the upper respiratory tract.

In addition, snoring is common in This is because the fat around the neck narrows the pharynx. It usually appears when we are very tired or if we have a cold.

3. Stomach roars

The strange noises that the body makes

The of the human body. It could be said that it is the source of all strange noises.

Most of the sounds it produces ( although not all are perceptible to the ear ) are due to the interaction between fluids and air. The “roars” are actually functional movements of propulsion and mixing of the digestive tract.

Acids in the stomach can also cause sounds.

When we have appetite , . Basically these are air passages to the stomach that is empty (no food).

4. Hiccup

This is another of the typical noises of the organism and it is said that it appears when we eat very fast , when we are scared or nervous. They can be a very funny sound, depending on the situation.

The repetitive whistle we all call hypo, in medicine is known as singulto. It is a respiratory sound produced by the abrupt, intermittent and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm. When this happens the epiglottis closes and the respiratory rhythm is altered.

Although it may appear for no apparent reason is more normal when we are nervous or anxious, by the intake of certain

5. Snap of jaw

The strange noises that the body makes

This noise appears when we open our in the temporomandibular joint.

If it is very common you should consult with the dentist because it may indicate a problem in the opening or closing of the jaw.

6. Sneezing and cough

Both sounds produce discomfort but perhaps a little more “acceptable” than snoring or nose whistling (as long as we cover our mouth or nose).

Both sneezing and coughing are defense mechanisms of the body. Especially of the respiratory system. They are activated as a reaction to infectious or environmental particles.

They are then a defensive noise that prevents the entry of pathogenic microorganisms or foreign elements.

Therefore it is usual to sneeze when someone has a very strong perfume, when we clean the house or if we are next to a cat.

In the case of cough is the body’s attempt to eliminate those organisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.) that cause a weakening of .

An interesting fact: the air that we expel when coughing travels at 140 km per hour and when we sneeze at 170.

7. Crunch joints

The strange noises that the body makes

Sometimes we feel like an articulated doll or a music box. At each step, we emit a different

The knees, elbows, ankles and fingers are usually the noisiest areas. These joints are lubricated with a liquid that prevents friction when bending them .

When we make some movement (or stay in the same position for several minutes) the gases contained in the liquid fill the empty spaces. This causes the formation of bubbles that then explode.

Be careful because if that click is painful or annoying, it may be due to deterioration of the cartilage or osteoarthritis.

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8. Ringing in the ears

The is one of the most obvious strange noises. However, we do not tend to pay attention to it.

It appears when we expose ourselves to high intensity sounds, in case of infection or when we have a wax stopper or a foreign object that must be extracted.

When it is often experienced it is usually a medical condition known as can be very annoying .

On the other hand, tinnitus can be caused by an injury to the skull or spine.

The strange noises that the body makes