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The syndrome of the empty chair

The empty chair syndrome refers to the feeling that appears before the loss of a special person for us. It can be a family member, a friend, brothers, etcetera.

It could be confused with the sadness of losing someone, but it is called a syndrome because it takes on special intensity in those moments when, it is supposed, it should be celebrated with joy and great uproar.

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The syndrome of the empty chair usually manifests itself in certain times , such as Christmas, a birthday or some other festivity that we consider special.

We observe that chair in the midst of so many others that are busy and we feel a huge void, an anguish that moves us to suffer from this terrible syndrome.

The empty chair is a silent witness

The empty chair does not cease to be the manifestation of that person who was before and who is now no longer there . Above all, if we are surrounded by several people, we see that there is someone missing.

The syndrome of the empty chair

This strong feeling has a lot to do with a grieving process in which perhaps you have also met on occasion.

Before the loss of someone we go through a period in which we have to get used to living without that person, experiencing a time of intense pain.

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The grief can be extended in the necessary time until you manage to deal with that loss and get to live your life again without that feeling of emptiness that you feel in the recent moment of such loss.

It is important to note that the empty chair syndrome can be experienced even when the person in question has not died . This means that you can move to other situations, such as loneliness.

When someone leaves us, when someone goes away, we can also experience this syndrome, which does not necessarily lead to death, although it may be the most usual.

When we feel alone, when we experience loneliness, it does not matter how many people are around us. Even so, we will find ourselves alone and before all

Everything can be experienced, but also overcome

Although we see everything with eyes of sadness and, above all, address us in those more notorious festivities such as Christmas or any other, there is a way to move this syndrome away from us. It is clear that you can get to experience, but you can also get out of it.

The syndrome of the empty chair

To begin, you must put into practice the indications that we indicate below that you can come well on more than one occasion:

Do not isolate yourself, do not shut up

When we find ourselves suffering from this syndrome, we probably do not want to talk and we get away from the people we love the most. All this, to suffer in solitude.

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This is very negative for you. Strive to interact, even if you do not feel like it, talk even if you do not want to and seek help if necessary. Sometimes, we just need someone to listen to us and pay attention.

Change the meaning of the empty chair

Things will always mean what we want them to mean . If the empty chair is synonymous with sadness and loss , why not give it a new meaning?

Reinterpret, strive to eliminate that negative characteristic of which you have endowed that chair. Make her your friend, not your enemy.

If necessary, ask for help

We believe that we can do everything and that, if we do not solve things ourselves, nobody will. However, sometimes, we need a push and a little extra help to transport us forward.

Never try to medicate to alleviate the pain that is inside you and if you do it only by medical recommendation. Still, try to treat it differently.

Why not go to a psychologist? They are experts, great professionals of our mind. They will help you better than anyone, do not be afraid of them.

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The syndrome of the empty chair

It is important to accept the idea that the people in our lives are going to leave, in one way or another.

Some will die, others will disappear, sometimes they will abandon us and harm us. And all this we have to accept.

Do not let an empty chair remove from your face the happiness that one day made you feel alive

It is clear that these situations are going to hurt us, we are human, we have emotions! But we must learn to internalize the fact that they are things that inevitably happen and that escape our control.

The syndrome of the empty chair