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The test of the 10 doors

Have you heard about this test that allows us to know in depth how is our personality through the choice of an image of a door, among 10 available? Know the test of the 10 doors in the next article, choose one of them and learn what your personality type is!

Why choose a door?

The symbolism of this test is really amazing. Maybe you have not noticed yet, but for everything in life we ​​need to go through a door. Have you ever thought about how many of them you have had to hit, hit and open to make your way and forge your future?
The doors are everywhere, they give us a sense of security in a house and welcome when we arrive at a particular place. They can be made of different materials, sizes, models and designs, but the goal is the same, allowing the entry to a place (or not).

The test of the 10 doors
When a house is being built, for example, it will appear to be finished once the door has been placed. That wooden, glass or aluminum object that opens before us and that allows us to enter a different world.
Surely you have heard the saying or the phrase that “they have closed all doors”, when someone does badly in life. Or else “it has opened the door to love”, to indicate that finally a person has fallen in love.
What better then a door to determine our personality? Look at the image with the ten doors and choose one. Do not base yourself on color alone, nor on your lucky number, nor choose the first one that appears before your eyes. Analyze well the characteristics of each one and then later take a look at the personality that is related to each one.

10 doors, 10 personalities

Door No. 1

It is turquoise, with two leaves, large windows that allow to see inside and outside. If you have chosen this door is because you are a fun person, who likes things to be well “ventilated”, you like the brightness and the air in the problems or things that happen to you. It means you do not keep your feelings . In addition, you appreciate the small luxuries that life offers you. You travel and know other cultures, you always want the best for others and you will always create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

The test of the 10 doors

Door No. 2

It is black, single-leaf, it looks robust. With the latch to one side and without peephole. If you chose this door, it is because you are a simple, clear and clear person, you do not like luxuries, you give the best of yourself in all areas, you feel proud of your achievements but you can not go further. Remember that it’s worth filling up with color from time to time and learning from adventures and not-so-positive experiences.

Door No. 3

Orange, very striking, with a bolt and in the middle, a peephole or styled caller. If you liked this door it is because you are an interesting and peculiar person, who likes to draw attention wherever he goes. No one who knows you will forget about you. You are good at several things, you like art and you can make something out of nothing . The flaw in this personality type is that you live in the clouds and sometimes you do not realize that you are in an internal bubble.

Door N ° 4

Dark green, with an old design, has several locks on one side. It is the type of personality that likes the artistic above all things, be it music, writing, painting or sculpture. You can be open and friendly at times and closed and private by others. Keep your problems or thoughts to yourself. You feel the need for others to see you as a rock.

The test of the 10 doors

Door N ° 5

Violet, quite striking, has a semicircular window in the upper part and a bolt in one of the sides. Have you chosen this door? Then it means that you care very much to fit in and feel part of a group. You will contribute a lot in every situation, you do things that allow you to create, sometimes you are too busy to realize what is happening around you. It’s good to relax from time to time and get away from the routine. A day without a full schedule is not a lost day.

Door No. 6

It is purple, with gold details. It has a peephole and caller, a mailbox for the mail in the middle and a round ironwork to open. If you liked this door, it is because your personality is very sure of itself. You have an incredible eye to see the details. You worry a lot about your appearance and the way others see you, although inside you feel a mess. Be careful because you can self-destruct. Remember that you must live for yourself and not for others. It does not matter what they think of you, whether they look at you or not.

Door N ° 7

White, simple, it looks like wood, without too many details beyond the material. It may be somewhat neglected at the bottom. Those who choose this door are simple and minimalist people, who always have important things to do. They dedicate themselves more to others than to themselves, are very sentimental and surround themselves with meaningful objects. Family and friends are essential. They have made their lives complacent and safe. Give yourself the opportunity to change the formality a little if you have this personality.

Door N ° 8

It is quite modern, blue, with a large peephole in the middle and a discreet ironwork to open or close. If you have chosen this door it is because you are a fun and playful person, who always stays young. You have little confidence in yourself, you can suffer from a lot of anxiety in certain aspects of life, you are somewhat disorganized, proud and you need to love yourself more. Find yourself through free expression.

The test of the 10 doors

Door N ° 9

Of light olive green color, it is an austere door, somewhat neglected and whose significant detail is that the locks are large for the size in general. The personality that hides behind this door is that of a peculiar being that always looks for things to work, you have a tremendous ability to solve problems, you are very practical. You like to live in a simple way, without complications, with the basics. It is easy to please you, you like to help and do something for your neighbor . You should let the amazing thing be more present in your life.

Door N ° 10

Of great size and size, although of a single leaf, of wood color and made in this material. It has four small windows in the upper part and a symmetrical design, only the fittings on the side are out of tune. If you chose this door is because you are a person who likes integrity and stability, trust, you like the quality and be in the smallest detail. You always know what you want, you like to be safe and maybe you’re holding back creativity with a job you do not like so much. You consider that your problems are nothing but yours and nobody has to take care of them.

The test of the 10 doors