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The wok, a healthy and quick way to cook

The wok is native to Chinese cuisine, is a kind of round pan and quite deep, which has a lid and is accompanied by a grid, which serves as a grill and steamer, so it allows to drain food and keep them warm.

The food cooked in the wok can be prepared in various ways and thanks to its size, it allows to cook quite large ingredients; It also offers different advantages, such as the distribution of heat evenly and the heat intensity of the wok, which allows cooking food, quickly and with less oil , making the wok one of the healthiest methods for cooking.

What should be taken into account when cooking in the wok?

To cook in a wok high temperatures are required , and for this reason, it is important to properly prepare the ingredients, to prevent them from burning; They must be finely chopped so that they quickly acquire the taste of the oil , and the meats should be prepared in thin slices, so that they are cooked with ease .

It is important to heat the wok before coating it with oil , so that it stays warm before cooking in it; later and when the wok is already heated, the olive oil can be added and the wok rotated, so that the oil is evenly distributed, which ensures that its ingredients do not stick during cooking at high temperatures .

Before adding other ingredients, you must first add the most aromatic, such as garlic and ginger , which ensures that the oil acquires the flavor of them and impregnates the rest of the ingredients while cooking.

At this point, you can cook the meat, which since it is cut thin, this process is completed quickly; just make sure it is well cooked and then remove it from the pan and reserve it, which ensures that the wok stays hot enough to cook the vegetables .

Saute the vegetables at your point ; keep in mind that they will take you a little more time to cook them, but you should always be careful not to burn them. The vegetables should be ready, crispy, but not raw.

Before serving, place in the wok again the meat that you have cooked before along with the vegetables, for long enough so that the meat is hot and you will have it ready to serve, a healthy and quick dish to prepare.

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The wok, a healthy and quick way to cook