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There are things that will never go out of style: nobility and good manners

In this changing, complex and dynamic world there are roots that continue to give us strength and encouragement.

No matter how fast our society advances, there are dimensions that keep us afloat: nobility, sincerity, respect, good manners …

A remarkable fact that many of us often see on social networks is the lack of respect among users.

Thanks to anonymity, it is common to put into practice disrespectful dynamics with which to harm other people or groups.

The world of social networks is a complex scenario where the worst and the best of the human being is reflected very often .

This valuable tool of communication is, without doubt, a wonderful world that enriches us in knowledge but which, in turn, if used incorrectly, can become harmful.

Perhaps for this reason, we must be very intuitive and skilled when it comes to educating our children in this world.

We have to make them see that there are aspects that should always act as psychic tendons in any scenario: respect between people and good manners.

Both are values ​​of great power in a world where information is shared in seconds, where we can communicate with any person on the planet.

If we transmit nobility we will create a more hopeful future .

It is worth investing in it, in not letting good manners decay in this society where we no longer need to see each other face to face to be friends, where love can arise between two people in very different points of the world.

We propose to reflect on it.

Good manners in social networks

There are things that will never go out of style: nobility and good manners

In 2014, the well-known social network Facebook was forced to invest money, time and efforts to promote a dimension that, apparently, was getting out of hand: good manners.

It may seem a curious and even disturbing detail. Is it that people have forgotten what respect is?

Actually, it’s not that we’ve forgotten it. It is just that these scenarios are very propitious to deploy such dangerous behaviors as cyberbullying or cyberbullying .

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Curiously enough, hurting is sometimes easier than favoring respect , attention , coexistence. Dimensions that, sometimes, younger generations do not always put into practice.

To avoid or at least control this type of dynamics, a figure was created within Facebook that they called Mr. Nice.

We explain below what is the role of this person within the most powerful social network in the world, and to which The New York Times devoted an interesting article.

Internet harassment, a growing problem

There are things that will never go out of style: nobility and good manners

The people responsible for Facebook are aware that the phenomenon of harassment in their social networks is only increasing.

In a work carried out by the Pew Research’s Internet Project, it was discovered, for example, that almost 65% of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have been harassed on Facebook .

  • All this forced this social network to create Mr. Nice, a figure after which, there are more than 80 workers whose function is to guarantee, as far as possible, the safety and respect of users.
  • We designed, for example, the option of controlling who labels us and being able to check beforehand if the material in which we appear pleases us to be or not approved.
  • Mr. Nice has a system to decide what kind of photographs can be published or not on the network. The offensives are censored.

Likewise, the profiles of users who misuse the network to promote violence are eliminated.

  • One aspect in which all these people working under the figure of Mr. Nice have agreed is that users, when they share things, do so with a positive intention. The good always prevails over the bad .

However, no one can measure the impact that their actions can have on other people .

Hence, that everything can not be controlled.

However, the most famous network in the world is aware that fighting for the respect of users and good manners is an aspect that must be worked on every day.

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For a more respectful world, for a more dignified future

There are things that will never go out of style: nobility and good manners

Creating a more dignified future for ourselves and the new generations requires will, effort and dedication.

It is possible that the complex panorama of our present, with so many social problems and political crises, prevents us from being able to imagine a more hopeful, more dignified and full of opportunities.

However, it is important to reflect on some aspects:

  • The great changes are driven by the will and nobility of many people, small entities that make a “lot”.
  • Respect, nobility and good manners are values ​​that should never go out of style. They must defend themselves in each of our daily scenarios: work, family, social networks.
  • There is another aspect that we can not forget: an act of kindness has much more impact than one of contempt . Goodness inspires and is contagious.

It is worthwhile, then, to sow in our day to day small seeds of goodness and hope, those that tomorrow will bear their best fruit.

There are things that will never go out of style: nobility and good manners