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Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym

Are you one of those who, just returned home after sports, lie on the couch for hours? Or maybe you usually open the fridge or cupboard and eat what you find?

These are just two of the things we do wrong when we come back from the gym. Do you want to know the others? Then read this article.

What to avoid when returning from the gym?

There is a lot of talk about our attitudes or habits before and during exercise. But what happens when the routine ends and we return home?

Many make mistakes without knowing that they can interfere in the recovery or in obtaining the expected results .

Perhaps for some of these frequent mistakes you are not getting to or have more muscles:

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1. Lie on the couch (or on the bed)

Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym

Without a doubt, a temptation as soon as we get home after training is to throw ourselves on any comfortable and soft surface.

Our legs or arms can not stand any more and we think that the armchair or the bed will be paradise.

However, the body needs to continue “moving”, even if it is of low intensity.

That does not mean you have to do a new series of sit-ups or go to the park and jog but, at least, order, cook, clean or take out the dog.

Another good idea is to receive a good massage so that the muscles relax little by little.

2. Consume only sports drinks

We have put ourselves in the role of athlete and everywhere we carry our bottle of isotonic

While they are a good way to hydrate before, during and after exercise, it is not necessary to become the only thing we eat.

Unless the training has been too intense, the temperature exceeds 35 ° C or the routine is longer than an hour, the body has not lost so many electrolytes to recover them with these “sports” drinks.

Instead, choose water.

3. Leave the academy without stretching

Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym

It does not matter if you’re in a hurry or if you’re bored stretching at the end of training. You must do the same! Did you know that most of the pain that you experience in the hours after exercise is due to not elongating well or enough?

These movements of stretching muscles are part of the routine and have many benefits.

For example, they favor circulation, reduce

Therefore, take the last 5 or 10 minutes in the gym to stretch accordingly.

4. Not recovering

The extremes are never good. Just as we discourage lying on the couch after exercise, we also say that not allowing the body to rest is counterproductive .

When we want to lose weight or have firm muscles, we make the mistake of going to the gym every day.

But the organism needs to rest! If you have time for sports every day, you can, for example, do a more demanding routine Monday, Wednesday and Friday and some more relaxed

On Sunday let your body rest . You will see better results in this way than going to train 6 times a week.

5. Avoid eating or drinking

Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym

A common thought is: how will I eat if I just came back from the gym? That’s why I’ve tried so hard?

The feeding is fundamental to recover the nutrients that we have lost during the training.

For example, we must consume proteins in the two hours after the routine to stimulate protein synthesis. This way the muscles will have enough fuel and you will not feel so tired.

For its part, water is essential to prevent muscles and joints from being injured.

When they are dehydrated it is more likely to hurt us hours after exercising. Remember: two glasses before, two glasses during and two glasses after sports are essential.

6. Take anti-inflammatories

Our muscles hurt so much that we chose to consume a medication before going to sleep in order to calm the symptoms.

The problem with anti-inflammatories is that they affect muscle recovery . In the case of

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7. Not enough rest

The muscles need rest to recover. If you sleep between 7 and 8 hours in a row every night you will recharge your energies and you will be able to perform more in the next training.

In addition, during the rest more growth hormones are produced (necessary for muscle strengthening).

8. Allow yourself an aperitif or a drink

Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym

It is likely that when you finish training you feel the need to “give you” a pleasure like a meal or a drink.

That craving is related to fatty foods or

Any alcoholic beverage that you ingest will cause that the muscular recovery is slower and that the body gets dehydrated even more.

As for the “pica pica” you should know that it is also counterproductive and therefore better to avoid it.

If you really want a post-workout snack, you prefer something healthy :

  • A handful of nuts
  • A fruit smoothie
  • A small plate of sunflower seeds.

Things we do wrong when we come back from the gym