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This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

Sleeping is an indispensable factor for the human being, as well as food and daily exercise. But, let’s focus on the dream. You must bear in mind that if you usually sleep a little, this has serious consequences for your body.

It is recommended that people sleep at least seven hours a day for proper psychomotor functioning, ie: sleep is essential for the development of your body and mind .

If you want a better quality of life, you need to regulate your sleep. It has been proven that lack of sleep has negative effects on health ; from diseases such as obesity and diabetes , to the lack of concentration and loss of brain tissue.

It is imperative that you manage to sleep. It makes you a more productive and energetic person. By falling asleep for seven uninterrupted hours, you reduce the risk of diseases by improving your immune system .

Therefore, it is important that you know and have in mind all those consequences of not getting enough sleep. Clear your doubts about it and avoid continuing with that bad habit of not resting enough. Your body and mind will thank you.

Consequences of not sleeping

1. Problems with memory and concentration

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

When not sleeping what you provoke to your body and mind is tiredness . Your mind needs to be in optimal conditions to face a hard day at work.

  • You lose concentration, since your mind does not perform enough and does not work at the same speed it usually does.
  • Memory problems arrive. What was previously simple to memorize, now it is not so simple.

If your brain does not take a break from all the activities you do during the day, then it will not work normally. You must rest to stay productive and not suffer from these problems.

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2. Obesity

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

Yes, as you read. Not sleeping as you should can lead you to suffer from obesity. This occurs when ghrelin and leptin levels change. These hormones regulate the appetite, and by failing to rest properly, significantly alter the way you eat.

When these hormones do not work properly, everything you eat tends to make you fatter , compared to a person with good sleep, causing the dreaded obesity.

  • The metabolism does not work properly, that is: it slows down or accelerates sharply.
  • Consequently, it takes much longer to assimilate the nutrients and minerals that your body needs, and especially your digestive system will not process food well.

3. Diabetes

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

For a long time, the negative effects or consequences of not getting enough sleep have been studied. And each and every one of them has come to the conclusion that by not resting we alter our entire organism, from the smallest to the most complex.

  • Not sleeping causes us less sensitivity to insulin (hormone that regulates blood glucose levels), causing chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, in some cases.
  • Sleep, exercise and nutrition are intrinsically related to some metabolic disorders such as obesity, alkalosis and diabetes.
  • Food is key in this, because when we do not manage to rest, we usually have more anxiety and we eat foods high in sugars and carbohydrates at odd hours. This generates diseases such as diabetes.

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4. Loss of brain tissue

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

With just one night without sleep the brain loses tissue. The levels of the blood of two brain molecules (the neurospecific enolase and the binding protein) increase as a result of the damage caused by not resting.

  • Lack of sleep can cause brain damage, and in the long term can cause neurodegenerative processes and even dementia in some cases.
  • Sleep is essential for the stability and internal balance of the brain, increasing its productivity and proper development.

5. More risk of accidents

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little

Since you are not rested, neither your body nor mind respond in the same way. You are not attentive or aware of what surrounds you and your eye coordination is terrible at the time of driving.

But, not only when driving, but also as a pedestrian, cyclist or when doing any physical activity you are a risk for other people. Also think about others and keep in mind that:

  • The ability to coordinate and assimilate the environment is affected by lack of sleep .
  • Your reflexes are slower than usual, this can stun you when walking or doing any physical activity.

You could cross a green light if you are not careful enough around you. You could cause an accident if you can not get enough rest or get hurt by anything.

  • Remember that sleeping considerably reduces the risk of accidents. You only need to regulate your hours when sleeping .
  • If you can not do it, prepare infusions to help you fall asleep.
  • If the problem persists, it is imperative that you see a doctor immediately.

This is what happens when you usually sleep a little