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Tips for a safe trip

Christmas is approaching, a very endearing parties where we all meet with our family and friends. This supposes in many cases, that we have to make large journeys by car on some busy dates, where everyone is in a hurry to arrive and. Normally, not in the best weather conditions for the station we are in.

All these factors mean that every year we have news that fog the holidays, news that speaks of the increase in the number of traffic accidents on these dates.

We will try to do our bit to lower those figures, giving you some tips for a safe trip .

Before a long trip, we all usually check the car to avoid breakdowns, check the route to avoid traffic jams, check the luggage to not forget something important, but … do we check the driver? Because as important as some wheels in perfect condition and an optimum level of oil, is that the driver is in the best conditions to undertake the trip.

We are going to give you some tips to face a trip in the best physical conditions .

At the moment of undertaking the trip , the driver must be rested . A very common practice, and at the same time disastrous for the future of the trip, is to leave after work. If we are fatigued, our capacity for concentration and attention decreases, with the consequent increase in the risk of accidents. Before taking the car, the conduit must have rested a couple of hours at least.

For a similar reason , it is also not recommended to go out at night , because our body has very established sleep habits and the possibility of suffering from drowsiness is greater, even though we have taken a nap or have slept a few hours before.

Food is very important . It is so bad to eat copiously before starting the trip, as not eating enough. In the first case, we will get drowsy and drowsy, and in the second, if a frugal meal will make our brain present fatigue due to lack of nutrients. It is advisable to make a light meal and, if the trip is long, stop every two hours and eat something every time.

On these dates it is also common to return home the evening-night of the holiday because the next day you have to work. If this is the case, another of the tips for a safe trip is to avoid a binge of these dates.

Hydration is very important to maintain attention. We should always have a bottle of water on hand that, in addition, will help us break the monotony of driving on highways and highways.

All these recommendations are as applicable to the driver as to the companions . If the rest of the passengers are kept awake, they will make the trip a lot more pleasant for the driver and that does not give him sleep, but without getting distracted either.

Remember, the important thing is to arrive and enjoy the parties with all of us.

Tips for a safe trip