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Tips for dealing with a marriage separation

First, you must understand that overcoming is a grieving process, you will need a lot of time, patience and above all optimism and a positive mind. You should also think that a separation is not synonymous with loss, failure or disappointment , it is simply the end of a stage of your life as well as others that you have gone through previously.

To prevent this from happening, we want to give you some recommendations so that you can go through this stage in a positive way and of course with maturity.

Do not act on impulse

Tips for dealing with a marriage separation

Try not to have impulses that have to do with your ex or in relation to the sentimental , think very well each of the things you are going to do and especially what you are going to say. When people are hurt they often say things that they regret later, so take things slowly and do not let anger speak for you.

Likewise, if the opportunity to return with that person is presented, it is better that you first meditate, for something they were in the separation stage, it does not mean that it is not just a couple crisis, but it uses a time to think very well It is what you want for your life.

Face the pain

Being a grieving process it is normal to feel a lot of pain, it is obvious, you are separating yourself from someone you loved and you gave a lot of you, but try to assume the situation with total serenity and try not to fall into

Look for distractions

Like any problem, he will be there constantly attacking your mind, this can cause you some diseases, so try to have your mind free and give it a better use, for example perform some craft, concentrate more on your life projects, at work, the family, share different moments with your friends and children, run, go to a park, go

Your ex is not your enemy

Perhaps your ex and you have not finished in the best way, but this is no reason to hold grudges in your heart, there is a saying that “clinging to hatred is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die”.

Although it can be difficult, remember that person as the person who made you very happy for some time, it is not that you mortify yourself with memories, but hatred will only complicate the situation making separation much more difficult.

Forgive your partner

Do not let that feeling of bitterness grow more and more in you, if you have children keep in mind that although I am no longer with you, it is still being your father. Hate can cause your children suffering and of course that is what you least want.

Neither the best friends, nor enemies

Tips for dealing with a marriage separation

It is almost impossible to apply the rule “if I saw you, I do not remember”, you are separating from your partner, someone who was or is still very important to you, so that “I do not want to know anything about you” makes it more difficult that you can overcome the separation.

If you are more than sure that it is not a simple crisis but a definitive separation of course you must get away from it, however although it sounds a bit illogical between the two can help to face the separation, this in case it was for mutual agreement.

And speaking of the children …

First of all, do not use them as a means of communication with him, that being reasoning can affect them, so do not speak ill of your former partner in front of them or other people, no matter how angry you are or how much damage he I made you. He does not speak well of you leaving him on the floor, so do not fall for this error that is so frequent nowadays when there is a separation.

Other important recommendations:

  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not apply the “one nail pulls another nail”
  • Surround yourself with the people you love.
  • Do not let your self-esteem decay.
  • Do not lock yourself in your room.
  • Do not look much for your ex, unless it’s something important.
  • If you believe or have signs that your partner wants to continue by your side and you also feel like fighting for that love, leave pride and resentment aside.

Think seriously about following these recommendations to face a separation in a more mature and less painful way.

Tips for dealing with a marriage separation