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Tips for overcoming an abortion alone

Losing a pregnancy is perhaps one of the most complicated moments a woman can go through.

A swirl of emotions overshadows the landscape and the ability to respond is lost. We know that the consequences are difficult.

Therefore, here we will help you with some tips to overcome an abortion alone .

All the illusions and the plans put in the birth of the new member of the family collapsed.

Fear, disappointment and anger are the feelings that prevail in this context. However, the pain of loss depends on each woman, her perspectives and reality.

If you are alone, without a partner who offers you a hand to bear the pain with you, fear increases.

However, we are sure that you will be able to move forward. Coping with mourning for the unborn child is the first decision you must make.

Do not restrain or a venting is essential in this journey .

Post abortion syndrome

Tips for overcoming an abortion alone

Grief is the first stage that happens after an abortion, and depression rarely occurs.

However, it is normal that you do not want to continue with your routine; You have suffered a trauma that needs to be processed psychologically to move forward. In this sense, the alterations are diverse:

  • You feel guilty or you look for a culprit of what happened.
  • You isolate yourself
  • You feel that nobody understands your situation.
  • You have low self-esteem
  • Questions begin about what happened: ” Why me?” “What would have happened if I had not done what I did?” “What do I do now?”

If you are going through this stage, calm! It is normal that you do not feel emotional stability.

The questions after an impact like this are solved talking to someone you trust. Do not repress your thoughts or emotions . It assumes from maturity what happened.

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Does the fault influence?

Guilt is one of the most dangerous factors, because it leads to destruction.

Consume from within and the

It is not a priority that you find in you the reason for the abortion.

Accept that things can not change anymore and that you must move forward . After crying, screaming and hitting, breathe deeply and become aware of the future. Alone or accompanied, you are still alive and you must give yourself courage to not sink into sadness.

Forgiving yourself is liberating and healing the soul. Absolving yourself of guilt will be the push you need to start new projects.

This will be the starting point to start living from this painful experience. It works, so do not forget that these are tips for overcoming an abortion alone.

Ask for help

Tips for overcoming an abortion alone

Take advantage of the company of the people who are by your side. Someone will want to shake your hand: accept the words of encouragement.

It may seem that nothing works, but when you enter into reason you will see that a word , a is always important .

If you do not have the man who was going to be the father of the child next to you and not enough family or friends, seek professional help.

This is one of the main tips for overcoming an abortion. The psychologist can guide you in the decisions and actions you should take .

Attending the therapist does not mean that you are sick or a sign of

Going to a psychologist is synonymous with integrity and guarantee of a better future.

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Empathy in the network

If you do not have a family environment that supports you in this difficult time, look for information on the Internet, where you could find similar cases to yours .

Gestational loss is very common: lean on each story, because many of them are superaddings. Focus the search on the data that will help you, that are of quality for the moment you are living.

Believe you can move forward .

A letter can help

Tips for overcoming an abortion alone

If you do not want to talk or prefer to be alone, a good solution may be to write a farewell letter .

We know that you did not know that loved one you were generating, but knowing that a life was brewing within you is enough to feel it as part of your being.

Take a blank page and write what you feel . Say goodbye and let it go.

Let the feelings take shape in those words that are outlining. Tell him that you love him and acquire the commitment to honor him: live for him!

Think of another pregnancy

We recommend you go through the duel stage, let go of what happened and recover the desire to continue ahead.

The World Health Organization ( psychologically you should give yourself more time .

The tips for overcoming an abortion can be diverse. Do not believe everything you hear, investigate in depth. There are many stories that can help you get ahead.

You are a strong woman, trust in you.

Tips for overcoming an abortion alone