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Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

Swimming, running or going to an aerobics class can be very fun and interesting activities.

However, the short-sighted think twice, as they do not know how to take care of their glasses or contact lenses, or how to make so that the lack of vision does not interfere with physical activity .

In this article we will give you some tips to exercise if you have myopia.

Myopia and sports: with glasses or contact lenses?

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

This is a very common question in myopic patients who come to the consultation both with the optician and in optics.

Do I wear glasses or better contact lenses? What if I do not use anything that happens?

There are several issues that we must take into account to answer these questions.

In the first place, our security, since when suffering from wearing a vision corrector or not.

In certain sports such as the exercise bike or bodybuilding it is not so necessary that the vision is completely clear.

However, if we practice tennis, boxing or swimming, deterioration or inability to focus on objects and calculate distances can be a problem .

Another important issue is contact with other people and objects.

Is it possible to avoid receiving a blow with a ball? How do I do if someone accidentally hits me in the face?

We should also evaluate this when choosing a discipline or a type of glasses.

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What glasses to wear to play sports?

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

If your nearsightedness is so high that you can not be even a minute without glasses, you should not think that you have the possibility of practicing exercise.

There are special lenses that allow you to perform with mounts or more comfortable and durable materials.

Contact lenses

First, we can think of wearing contact lenses while developing the activity, although these can be dangerous in certain sports. However, if we take the necessary precautions there should be no problem.

The contact lenses can get lost or “jump” out of the eye when there is a sudden movement or a blow, especially if the semi-rigid ones are used.

In the soft ones this is less likely to happen, but we must not reduce the precautions for this reason.

Glasses with organic crystals

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

These present many advantages when playing sports, including water sports such as sailing or squash.

It is a special glasses made of resin whose main characteristic is its resistance to shock or falls .

They are also very light and of great quality. They can apply antireflection treatment.

The bad news is that, having low resistance to scratching and a low refractive index, they are not advisable for people with high diopters .

Polycarbonate glasses

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

This alternative is more resistant to impacts and lighter, has UV filter but poor scratch resistance.

Mineral glasses

These are not vulnerable to falls or weigh a lot and are uncomfortable to exercise .

Myopic tips for sports with glasses or contact lenses

Since exercise is good for our health, myopia should not be an impediment to developing it.

However, we must take into account certain issues so that the glasses or lenses we wear are comfortable and we can avoid problems.

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1. The frame

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise
  • It must be comfortable and large enough to occupy the entire eye socket.
  • It is essential that you do not slip or fall through your nose.
  • Also that it is made with a light and resistant material.
  • We recommend that you choose a curved model so that the field of vision is complete, also on the sides.

2. The crystals

  • Resistant to shocks, protected with hydrophobic coatings (repel water) and with UV filters (to avoid damage caused by solar radiation).
  • Better if the lenses are polarized and photochromatic to change their hue depending on the ambient light .

3. The contact lenses

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

Among the advantages of wearing them are: the freedom of movement, that do not tarnish and that peripheral vision is complete. Also, they do not produce changes in your appearance and avoid damage if we fall or hit.

Also note that there are also contraindications to using when

First, dust or certain particles can irritate or dry the eyes . In addition, sudden movements and sweat cause erosions and eye abrasions.

They also cause hypersensitivity or allergic processes, do not protect from the sun or reflexes and do not cover the eye socket.

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Myopia and swimming: are they compatible?

The advantages of swimming are innumerable and for this reason some myopic people consult in relation to their ability to practice this sport.

If we have a visual problem and we also want to enjoy the benefits of swimming we can choose two alternatives:

1. Disposable contact lenses

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise

Although it is not advisable to bring the contact lenses to the pool or the beach because we can suffer corneal infection (due to the microorganisms that live in the water), some people use disposable or disposable types.

The downside is that they are quite expensive to use and throw in a single day.

Perhaps it is justified for holidays or summer, but not in sports practiced all year.

2. Graduated swimming goggles

The glasses that are used in swimming pools for some time allow us to graduate them according to our particular vision problem.

In this way, sports are practiced regardless of the short-sightedness we have.

While there are models with standard graduations, we advise you to buy ones that comply with the .

Tips for short-sighted people who want to exercise