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Tips to alleviate dust allergy

Mites are not a problem for most people, however, for all those who have allergies to dust, they will react to them with rhinitis, conjunctivitis and even bronchial asthma … can it be avoided? What measures can we take to fight against domestic dust and also improve our symptoms? We explain it to you!

Home tips to improve your allergy

1. Green tea

Tips to alleviate dust allergy

Nothing so much used and at the same time so simple. If we take it regularly we will be able to reduce the incidence and the annoying symptoms of dust allergy. How? you will ask yourself. Well, green tea has a compound that blocks the production of histamine and IgE (a type of compound present in allergies that makes us react to mites, for example). If we consume tea regularly, we will be able to alleviate a lot of symptoms since the defenses are raised in our body.

2. Mint

An infusion of mint to start the morning. Nothing so delicious and effective. This infusion allows us to inhale its essential oil, very useful to relieve the symptoms of dust allergy. Acts directly by lowering the level of histamine improving sneezing, the nasal flow of mucus … It will be very useful. Do not doubt it, but yes, remember to drink it very little by little and hot, very hot.

3. Licorice

Tips to alleviate dust allergy

An infusion of licorice twice a day will come in handy. You can find it ready to take in natural stores, and you can also put the strands of its root in a cup of hot water. The equivalent of a spoonful. This infusion is rich in glycyrrhizin, which allows us to stop the production of IgE, thus reducing many allergic reactions, improving our breathing, sneezing … etc.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is not only going to spice up our dishes. If you combine for example an infusion of green tea with turmeric and a few drops of lemon juice, you will get a more than ideal remedy to reduce the effects of your dust allergy. Turmeric is a plant from India, which allows us to block the production of IgE, this compound that as we have mentioned before, produces these reactions against mites.

5. Vitamin C

Tips to alleviate dust allergy

Vitamin C is a powerful antihistamine. With it we can alleviate and even prevent allergic reactions. So what if we raise our consumption of orange and lemon juice? How about we prepare tasty salads of papaya and berries? Do not hesitate, they will come very well.

6. Nettle

Surprised? Surely not, because the nettle, although it can cause us allergic reactions on the skin, has the great virtue of fighting against many types of allergy. It can alleviate many effects such as rhinitis, cough, inflammation … it is an excellent medicinal plant that you can obtain in any natural store. Put the contents of a teaspoon in a hot cup of water, and let it boil. Drink it little by little, you can take it two to three times a day.

Tips to fight against allergy at home

Tips to alleviate dust allergy

  • As you already know mites, they usually prefer humid spaces of more or less warm temperatures, for that reason it is preferable that every day, ventilate the house, opening windows so that the air runs.
  • Frequent cleaning is also essential. If possible avoid the broom , since it raises the dust much more. Ideally vacuum cleaner with filter.
  • If you are the one who makes the bed as soon as you get up, tell you that it is not appropriate. It allows the bed to be ventilated for at least a couple of hours, which enters the air. The mattresses will be much healthier if they are made of synthetic fiber (polyurethane). And regarding the pillows, which are not wool, feathers or miraguano. Use mattress and pillow-specific anti-mite covers. You can find them at a good price, and this will allow you not only to get a better rest, but to get rid of a very important part of the effects of your dust allergy.
  • Wash the bedding with hot water , this way we get rid of the mites and their small deposits so harmful to our health.
  • Try that the house does not have curtains or excessive upholstery . All this is a more than ideal scenario for mites. Also avoid the carpets and shelves with many books (a shame, we know), but they are a perfect island for dust.
  • If you have children allergic to dust remember that it will not be convenient to have many stuffed animals.
  • It cleans the filters of the heating and the air conditioning frequently , and also avoids the smoke of the tobacco or the air fresheners, since they usually cause many respiratory problems.

Tips to alleviate dust allergy