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Tips to clear the mind and sleep better

If at night you have a “bombardment” of thoughts or ruminations that prevent you from sleeping; undoubtedly the next day you will look like a zombie and there will be no way to come up with new or original ideas.

In the following article we will tell you how to clear your mind to reconcile a good night’s sleep and have a better performance in your daily tasks.

Clear the mind and sleep better

No one can deny that it is a gift to have a creative mind. But many times this can turn against us and not allow us to sleep well. If at night the ideas come to you as if they were a whirlwind or a torrent, then it is necessary to change certain

1. Establish a routine

Tips to clear the mind and sleep better

The hours before going to bed should be strategic. If you are active until a few minutes before sleep it is understandable that the mind does not want to calm down. Therefore, we recommend that you do not screen, exercise, work or study one or two hours before going to bed.

You must help both the body and the brain to relax and enter a “state of rest” . The routine should tell the brain that after a certain hour it is necessary to lower revolutions, then go to sleep.

You can read a little, do yoga, meditate or take a hot shower. It is also beneficial to remove makeup, change clothes and get comfortable.

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2. Plan the weekly activities

A good idea to clear your mind before When you transcribe the ideas that were “locked” inside you, the brain calms down.

Another good habit, is to have a diary or agenda where you write down everything that comes to your mind. Try to be as accurate as possible. Dedicate several minutes to the transcription of the thoughts. This way you will “empty” the brain and know that it is time to rest.

3. Feel comfortable

Tips to clear the mind and sleep better

If you are cold or hot, the clothes adjust you, there are lights on, you feel a dripping tap or something else disturbing, it is easier for the mind to “entertain” with thoughts and ideas. You must condition the room so that you just lean your head on the pillow and close your eyes the dream comes to you.

4. Visualize

Imagine something that motivates you before you sleep. Although you do not believe it, this serves to clear the mind and have dreams with beautiful or positive things. You can see yourself walking through the countryside or the beach, swimming in the sea or in a river, watching how the leaves of the trees fall in autumn or how the butterflies fly in the

What is visualization for? It is useful to keep your imagination focused and so you can put aside all those thoughts that distract or excite your mind. Do not forget, it must be something serene and pleasant, and not an image that increases anxiety or nerves.

5. Exercise in the afternoon

Tips to clear the mind and sleep better

It is not advisable to do physical activities after sunset, since the body and mind can not be reassured until a few hours after the routine is finished.

The best time to exercise is around 6 in the afternoon. That way you have enough time to relax, take a shower, prepare food, dine and do other activities until you sleep.

Thanks to the fact that sport allows us to release

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6. Do not check the email

At least one hour before sleep, do not use any electronic device if you want to clear your mind and rest. The luminous screens have the ability to put the brain on alert.

It may take some time to reverse this bad habit. If you tend to watch television before going to bed, we recommend that you choose an entertaining and relaxed program. That is to say, nothing of action movies or of terror and much less the news.

7. Take a deep breath

Tips to clear the mind and sleep better

If you do not practice

You can sit (in the lotus position with your legs crossed) or lying on the bed. Turn off as many lights as possible and try to make sure there are no noises that deconcentrate you. Close your eyes and breathe slowly through your nose. Count to 5 holding the air in your lungs and exhale very slowly through the mouth. Repeat this exercise about 3 or 4 times. You will see how little by little you will feel calmer and you will be able to clear your mind to sleep.

8. Drink a tea

Herbal infusions can be very helpful when our brain does not let us rest. You can choose chamomile, valerian or linden to achieve this goal. Do not forget that you should drink tea one hour before going to bed. Do not put sugar on it because it has the opposite effect.

Tips to clear the mind and sleep better