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Tips to decorate the corridors of the house

Through them we access the different rooms, therefore, they are our passageways. However, we often forget that the corridors are parts of the house that we must also decorate. While it is true that they are not a priority, it does not hurt to give them a little attention when the time comes. At the end, corridors with a good presentation will make the transitions between one room and another much more pleasant.

When we imagine the decoration of a corridor, we usually think of only one thing: pictures on the wall. And frankly, how boring is the single image of a long corridor with bucolic paintings that we never stop to look at. The other element that can come to mind is the typical table with family photographs.

The replicas of the To decorate the corridors of the house in a much more attractive and “fun” the best we can do is to get honest with ourselves and decorate with those elements that we are going to stop to look and use at some point. And what elements should be placed then?

Decorative elements for the corridors

Tips to decorate the corridors of the house
Tips to decorate the corridors of the house

Ideas for decorating corridors

A good idea to decorate a hallway is to make an element the protagonist. For example, if we are going to focus on the chandelier that we hang in the center of the aisle, we can paint the ceiling a light shade and add a few brightness, so that, when turning on the light, simulate precious stones or distant “stars”. Regarding the color palette, if the candlestick is gold or ocher, it is convenient to paint the corridor with a light blue tone and the ceiling with an even lighter color. The nude tones also work very well.

Another idea to decorate the corridors is to leave the walls blank or a single neutral color and put a colorful carpet that draws much attention not only in We will dispense with the accessories and we will bet to place, at the end of the corridor, a basket with cushions of different size and color. The result will be very welcoming.

You can also place the items we mentioned above: lamp, mirror and table, but looking for one of these pieces to be different from what is usually seen. For example, instead of placing a square, circular or oval mirror with a simple frame, we can place a mirror that has a different shape or whose frame is striking. Of course, on the table we will put only a few elements, such as: a pair of candles, a wooden figure or a plant.

As regards do not be afraid to experiment and make the necessary adaptations. One idea can take you to another much better than you can believe.

Tips to decorate the corridors of the house