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Tips to depilate the bikini area correctly

The bikini area is a very delicate area. Many women who shave their hair suffer from various problems such as pimples, irritation, ingrown hairs … For these reasons, today we will see how to depilate the bikini area in the right way.

For this, we will not have to do anything special. Only, the next time we are ready to pluck this area we have to incorporate a series of different habits that will avoid the problems that until now had been tormenting us.

Plucking the bikini area is very simple

Plucking the bikini area in the right way does not involve any tricks or any difficult strategy . We just have to introduce certain tips that will improve our hair removal and, above all, avoid damaging and irritating the skin of this area.

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Choose the best method for you

Plucking the bikini area does not have to be difficult or torture as long as we choose the method that best suits us. For example, if we have very sensitive skin, waxing may not be the most appropriate.

Similarly, if every time we shave with a blade we have to endure after we grow the hairs very fast and we are bitten and irritated the area, it may be better to try another method of hair removal. The best is to try all the methods and stay with the one that works best for us .

Tips to depilate the bikini area correctly

Laser hair removal is suitable for those people who are sure they do not want their hair to grow back. Although it seems an expensive option, in the long term it usually compensates.

Use the right products

Do not go to shave your bikini area using a shower gel. It is better that you use a suitable cream to depilate with this method. In this way, the product will help to calm the irritation and promote the wetting of the bikini area.

In the same way, if we are going to depilate with wax we do not use one that leaves gobs , that is broken or does not adhere sufficiently strong to the hairs to remove them with ease. Investing in a good product will benefit us.

Dry or wet skin?

If we are going to depilate with a blade, the ideal is that the skin is slightly moist . So we can put the right product and allow the blade to slide smoothly on our skin.

However, to depilate the bikini area with other methods, it is necessary that the skin is clean and dry. If there is sweat, for example, the electric razor could do damage, not remove the hairs easily or grab the skin and cause some damage.

Caring for the skin before hair removal

Tips to depilate the bikini area correctly

To remove the bikini area it is necessary to have some previous care. It is not enough to carry them out the previous day, but they must be done every day that passes between one depilation or another.

It is necessary to moisturize the skin every day and exfoliate it, at least, about 3 days a week. In this way, we will allow the hairs to come out easily and when we shave we will prevent the skin from drying out. This will maintain a healthy appearance and

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Caring for the skin after hair removal

After shaving, it is not convenient for us to get in the sun . Ideally, wait or shave the day before. In this way we will avoid any possible stain, since the area, no matter how careful we are, will irritate us a little.

After exfoliating the bikini area, it is not advisable to exfoliate . The skin is sensitive and we could cause some wound or more irritation. What we should do is wash the skin and moisturize it.

We must be very careful with the product we use to moisturize the skin . If it has some type of fragrance it could sting and cause an intense itching after waxing. If we use cream, we must check that it is suitable for after depilation or that it does not carry fragrances.

Sometimes, the ideal is to apply oil. Almond oil or coconut oil are highly recommended. Also, avoid putting on underwear that tightens because it can irritate the area. The more loose and comfortable much better for us.

What care do you have for shaving the bikini area? Are you already putting some of these tips into practice? We hope you have been served and that your next hair removal is much better.

Tips to depilate the bikini area correctly