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Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

Falling in love can blind us when we are in the middle of a destructive relationship. The fear of being alone or “losing” the loved one makes us endure a series of toxic behaviors on the part of our partner.

In fact, we come to think that their behaviors are due to the love they have for us and that we “deserve” those humiliations or reproaches that become constant with the passing of days.

The most worrisome is that we begin to feel trapped and lose the ability to make a decision that allows us to .

How can I end a destructive relationship? Taking this step is not easy, especially when the other person manipulates us and deteriorates our self-esteem.

For this reason, on this occasion we want to share a series of tips that help you clarify what you feel to make a sound decision as soon as possible.

How to know if I am in a destructive relationship?

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

Sometimes it is hard for us to accept that we are in the middle of a destructive relationship because the other person makes us think that their behaviors are for love or protection.

On the other hand, we justify the bad moments considering that it is “normal” to have discussions and that everything can be fixed when the anger passes.

The truth is that, although every

How to identify it? In the first place, it is important to reflect on what is happening to us. We must be aware of when the situation reaches its limit.

Consider ending your relationship if:

  • Your partner is disrespectful with insults or physical aggression.
  • Try to control yourself and keep an eye on you most of the time.
  • Make decisions for you without consulting you if you agree.
  • It prevents you from having social or family relationships.
  • It attacks your self-esteem and makes you feel inferior.
  • Finish with your dreams and your passions.
  • It does not show you interest even if you try hard.
  • It makes you feel guilty for all the bad things that happen.

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What can I do to get out of a destructive relationship?

All destructive relationships end badly. Therefore, although it is difficult, it is best to recognize the problem to put an end to it as soon as possible.

Accept what you are living

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

Stop justifying your partner’s behaviors with love or guilt. If you no longer want to feel unhappy about your relationship, accept that person is not giving you anything good.

Once you recognize that things are not right and that you deserve to be better, you can take a step forward to recover from .

Analyze how he behaves

Does he treat you badly and then try to reconquer you? Does he cry and say that things are going to change? Watch out! Toxic couples are very manipulative and try to hold you back under excuses and promises.

If you really want to stop suffering, avoid being controlled by these behaviors. You already know that if you continue, sooner or later you will go through stormy times again.

Face the situation

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

If you are at that point where you can not stand anymore, face the situation without fear. Talk to your partner and express that you no longer want to be by their side and that it can be worse for both of you if things keep moving forward.

Find support

It is inevitable to go through a when everything is over. The doubts begin to arise and that person will try to find you to fix things.

Do you think it’s really worth trying? If you already know how things will end, try to stay firm in your decision and seek support in your family or in the people who love you.

If your relationship lived episodes of violence or for some reason you fear, seek professional advice to know how to act in these cases.

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Cut the ties

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship

You made the decision to end a sick relationship and that is a big step. Now, the healthiest thing is to take distance from your ex-partner so that he does not look for you anymore and to he caused you.

Mark limits, delete their number, delete the photos and do everything necessary to close this bad chapter in your life. Although it is a painful moment, it is part of the recovery process.

Recover your life and self-esteem

Before going through that destructive relationship you had a life and dreams. It is time to take up all those things that generated passion and that gave meaning to what you did.

The more you focus on yourself and the more you feed your

Do you still cling to what is wrong with you? Stop! Think of your well-being and get away before it gets worse.

Tips to get out of a destructive relationship