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Treatments used to fight breast cysts

Cysts in the breast, also called breast cysts, are small sacs of fluid that form in breast tissue.

They can be alarming for many women, especially when they are palpated, but in reality they are benign and do not usually represent a serious problem.

They appear in one or both breasts and, in general, they feel like a grape or a ball full of water whose size and shape may differ.

They are very frequent in women from 30 to 60 years old, although they can appear at any age because they originate from several factors.

Currently there are several therapeutic methods that help to eliminate them , either because they tend to continue to grow, or because they produce .

In this opportunity we share your main causes and the treatment options that can be suggested for its elimination.

Why are cysts produced in the breasts?

Cysts in the breasts are produced by benign changes of the mammary glands.

Often, they are the result of a blockage of the outlets of the lobules of the breasts , which produces an accumulation of liquids.

Its exact cause is not defined. However, they are associated with:

  • Sudden hormonal changes before, during or after menopause
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  • Bad nutrition

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Symptoms of breast cysts

Treatments used to fight breast cysts

Cysts can form in one or both The symptoms can vary in each patient, depending on the stage in which they are detected.

In general, these are manifested with signs such as:

  • Balls or round or oval bulks, with varied edges, evident to the touch
  • Pain in one or more areas of the breasts
  • Sensitivity in the area of ​​the breast nodule
  • Transparent or yellowish discharge from the nipple

Treatments for breast cysts

There are cysts so small that they are only detected through mammography or breast ultrasound. Although these do not represent a major problem, the doctor will prefer to monitor them to rule out complications.

If you notice that they tend to increase in size, the treatments that are recommended include:

Emptying with hypodermic needle

Treatments used to fight breast cysts

Most cysts are not

If your size is large enough to be palpated, the doctor may intervene with a hypodermic needle emptying procedure.

  • It is a treatment that can be annoying, but it is not painful and lasts a couple of minutes.
  • After carrying it out, the cysts reduce their volume significantly, and even disappear.
  • If the packages reappear, the same procedure can be repeated.

Use of hormones

When cysts are produced by certain contraceptive pills or other hormonal treatments may be suggested to prevent recurrence.

In these cases, the possible side effects and the health status of the patient are evaluated, since it is not always the best option.

In fact, it is a treatment that is only recommended in women with quite severe cysts.

Surgery to remove cysts

Surgery to remove breast cysts is only necessary in atypical cases or that show any sign of danger.

This option is considered if:

  • The cyst produces discomfort and complicates the day to day
  • The cyst reappears month after month despite drainage
  • The lump of fluid contains blood or exhibits some worrisome sign
  • The tumor is carcinogenic

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Natural medicine

Treatments used to fight breast cysts

The properties of some natural remedies can help to calm the sensation of heaviness and pain that is related to the presence of cysts in the breasts.

Likewise, some can facilitate their elimination and prevention.

Cold or hot packs

The application of cold or hot compresses helps to calm the sensitivity in the breasts . These have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that, in minutes, reduces the ailment.


The diuretic, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties of some natural infusions can help reduce the size of cysts.

Prepare them with:

  • Chamomile
  • Green Tea
  • Horse tail
  • Plantain


A healthy and balanced diet, rich in vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids , can help improve health when you have cysts in your breasts.

The consumption of salt, refined foods or foods with high fat content or stimulants such as .

Do you feel a strange lump in your breasts? While it is not a reason to be scared, it is best to consult the doctor to assess its origin and complexity.

Treatments used to fight breast cysts