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Tricks to lose weight

It is possible that you are thin / and that in spite of it, you have the thick face. The swollen face can be a consequence of several reasons, not just overweight.

Identifying these reasons can help you find the most appropriate solution.

Common causes

  • Heavy meals, rich in salts, oils, sugars or carbohydrates, usually generate a general swelling of the body in people with a weak assimilation of the food. The lighter and easier to digest the food, the better it will be assimilated, which implies its digestion and its desirable excretion.
  • Lack of water A swollen face can also be a product of a lack of adequate hydration. You can take it with lemon and increase its depurative properties.
  • Alcohol , which dehydrates the body and swells your face.
  • Salt abuse reduces water in the body and it responds with general inflammation


Try not to consume excess carbohydrates before going to bed and during the day moderate your consumption of pasta, cookies, cakes and sweets in general. The foods and infusions with draining effect can also be of help, since they allow to release accumulated liquids of general form in all the body.

Try to reduce salt and include the following products in your diet as usual:

  • Infusions such as horsetail, green tea, dandelion, birch, alfalfa or fennel.

Tricks to lose weight

  • Fruits and vegetables to fight against fluid retention . Most are low in salt such as apples, kiwis, pears, oranges or pineapple. Especially the banana, rich in potassium, favors the diuretic effect. Between the vegetables you will benefit a lot the artichoke, celery, cauliflower, borage, chicory, onion and parsley.


In any case, in addition to changing the diet and changing habits, you should always do some gymnastics on your face. Like any muscle in the body, those on the face also need exercise to develop tone, reduce chubby cheeks and prevent sagging.

These exercises along with the application of facial massages with oils such as sesame can help you to make your face look firmer.

  • Enhance the cheekbones : Make repeated sequences putting the mouth in the shape of “O” and then putting a broad smile. Repeat the exercise between 30 and 50 times.
  • Stretching the groove lateral to the mouth: Put the thumb on the lower part of the face and the side of the index finger on the groove. Then grimace with the mouth forward or downward while pulling back with the fingers on the cheekbones. Keep stretching for a few seconds and relax. Repeat about twenty times.
  • Stylize the cheeks: bring the mouth from one side to another of the face quickly releasing accumulated fat. You can also swell your cheeks alternately and quickly.

Tricks to lose weight