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Tricks to prevent and treat the fall of the eyelashes

Lashes are not just a symbol of beauty , they are a biological necessity for our eyes that is worth taking care of every day, to keep them beautiful and healthy. But how to avoid for example the feared fall of the eyelashes? Do not worry, we give you a series of tips that will come really well.

Avoid the fall of the eyelashes

Do you know what are the causes in general that cause the eyelashes to fall? Realities as common as stress, hormonal problems and even the use of some cosmetics, can cause a type of allergic dermatitis with which this fall appears .

But do not be alarmed, it is true that for a time we will have a small vacuum, but they grow back, of course, as long as the hair follicle is very damaged. But in most of the time, in about 1o weeks they return to be restored. So … Patience! While, follow the following tips to prevent and treat the fall of the eyelashes.

1. Remove the mascara completely every day

It is basic and necessary, never go to sleep with the mascara on. To do so, you can use the cosmetics enabled for it every day. Remember never to rub, it is best to apply the liquid or the cream and leave on for 5 seconds , then slowly remove it in the direction of the eyelash itself.

2. Vitamin E

You will find it in pharmacies and even in natural stores . They are capsules with one of the best vitamins to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and also nails . They protect, care for and strengthen them . Just a drop of vitamin E on each eyelid and then, with a cotton swab, hydrate little by little the eyelashes.

3. Castor oil

Tricks to prevent and treat the fall of the eyelashes

A classic and effective remedy that you surely know. It is simply wonderful and very effective. Apply a little castor oil on a cotton ball and apply over the lashes. Ideal if you do it at night and let the oil work to avoid, the fall of the eyelashes.

4. Almond oil

Another essential oil that can not be missing in your beauty cosmetics set. You can find almond oil in natural stores, it is not expensive and it can be used for many more things, especially for skin care. And how do we apply our almond oil? Like castor oil, at night. You will see how strong and beautiful your lashes look.

5. Vaseline application

Once you have removed the mascara from the eyelashes, it would be appropriate for you to apply some Vaseline on it . In this way we achieve a soothing, restorative and healing effect. An economic remedy that is worth following. Do we start today?

6. General tips for the health of your eyelashes

Tricks to prevent and treat the fall of the eyelashes

It would be very appropriate for example that we do not abuse too much of waterproof products. As you know they last a lot in our lashes, they are pretty, no doubt, but they are very-very difficult to remove and they always leave remains. It is not very healthy, so do not use them daily.

The specialists warn us that we also have to be careful with curlers. Sometimes our eyelashes are weak and we punish them with these instruments, so it’s best not to overdo them. Only once in a while, it allows them to look a little more natural from time to time, they will do very well.

Tricks to prevent and treat the fall of the eyelashes