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Types of dementia that are not Alzheimer's

The changes in the brain that cause are not yet known with certainty .

This lack of information may be what makes us relate different types of dementia to this disease in the wrong way.

Some factors about Alzheimer’s

The first symptoms of Alzheimer’s are already known: difficulty remembering names and recent conversations. And, as the disease progresses, Alzheimer’s signs are also in progress.

. Thus, they give rise to communication difficulties, changes in behavior and judgment, and even difficulty in eating or .

The risk that a person has to have Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia is reduced to bad luck on the genetic side in most cases.

Alzheimer’s is not the only cause of dementia, but it is the most frequent. And this may be the reason why it is confused by almost everyone.

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Types of dementia that are not Alzheimer’s

Types of dementia that are not Alzheimer's

Now that we have told you some factors about Alzheimer’s, we want to talk about the types of dementia that are often confused:

1. Vascular dementia

It involves reducing the blood flow in the brain due to a blood clot or blockage of blood vessels.

Among types of dementia, this can cause strokes. Its most characteristic consequence is the difficulty with planning and organization.

. Take care of the health of the . You should avoid any hardening or obstruction of the blood vessels. This means keeping cholesterol and blood pressure stable. In this way you will also avoid having diabetes.

2. Dementia with Lewy bodies

Types of dementia that are not Alzheimer's

Lewy bodies are composed of a protein called alpha-synuclein that meets in the area of ​​the cerebral cortex. This results in memory loss and difficulty thinking .

Among the types of dementia, this is the most similar to Alzheimer’s.

The bodies of Lewy and Alzheimer differ in that the former involve sleep disturbances, hallucinations and muscular rigidity. For all the above, the effects also resemble Parkinson’s disease .

con cuerpos de Lewy se dirigen a un sitio, podrían perderse debido a que los lugares conocidos ya no le resultan familiares. When patients with with Lewy bodies go to a site, they may be lost because familiar places are no longer familiar.

And once the person presents advances of dementia, he could get lost when looking for the bathroom and even his own room.

Among the most common types of dementia, that of Lewy bodies is in second place. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common dementia there are so far.

Keep an active brain to avoid this problem . Learn to speak a new language, know the history of other places, research about new cultures.

High levels of education and the practice of brain stimulating hobbies could help prevent symptoms.

3. Dementia caused by Parkinson’s disease

When the alpha-synuclein clumps we talked about above gather in a part of the brain called substantial nigra, they damage nerve cells that produce dopamine.

. It is then when specialists believe that they begin to produce problems when performing movements, which is the characteristic of .

It is also accompanied by tremors in the body and a slowing down of movement .

The worrying thing about Parkinson’s disease is that a known cause has not yet been determined to help prevent this type of dementia.

4. Frontotemporal dementia

Types of dementia that are not Alzheimer's

When there is degeneration in the nerve cells, either in the frontal or temporal lobe of the brain, it is said that there is frontotemporal dementia. This can cause changes in skills .

Those who suffer from this type of dementia are the kind of impulsive people who can make large purchases without consulting their spouse.

This type of dementia does not have medications to control the disease. Therefore, it is important to adopt healthy lifestyles that reduce injuries and possible strokes.

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5. Mixed dementia

To make matters worse, of what we have mentioned, a person can also have a mix of different changes in their brain at the same time.

This case is called mixed dementia, which is usually the union between vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

activo y evitar cualquier factor de riesgo. It is best to keep an active and avoid any risk factor. We already know that it sounds complicated, but it is possible.

Types of dementia that are not Alzheimer's