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Vanilla smoothie to regulate the intestine naturally

Did you know that you can regulate the intestine with a delicious vanilla smoothie ?

It is easy to prepare, is made with natural and healthy ingredients and allows us to balance the intestinal function to overcome possible disorders such as constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel.

In this article we tell you what are the medicinal properties of its ingredients, chia seeds, oats and prunes, as well as how to prepare it and when we recommend taking it to be more effective .

Regulating the bowel is essential

According to the perspective of natural medicine, the intestine is key to our health. If it does not work properly, in the long run it becomes a source of disorders.

On the other hand, if our intestine is healthy, it becomes the best way to prevent diseases.

Regulating the intestine is, therefore, essential for good health and quality of life. We will achieve this with a balanced diet, avoiding stress and, if necessary, with natural supplements.

In this article we propose a recipe with several ingredients very beneficial for intestinal health.

Vanilla smoothie to regulate the intestine naturally

Chia seeds

cleaning and regulating the intestine, as well as protecting the bacterial flora.

If we let them soak overnight they swell and become gelatinous, a texture that helps us soothe, protect and purify the entire digestive tract.


Oatmeal is a very suitable cereal to treat any intestinal disorder, since it is rich in beta-glucans, a soluble fiber that gives a feeling of satiety and facilitates the evacuation.

It also has soothing properties that contribute to balance the nervous disorders that affect the intestine, as is the case of irritable bowel.

In addition, oats have a prebiotic effect that favors the growth of the bacterial flora , which suffers the negative effects of antibiotics,

Vanilla smoothie to regulate the intestine naturally


Prunes or dried are an ancient remedy to combat constipation , in addition to providing us with a good dose of antioxidants.

To help us improve the intestinal function we will have to macerate them in water, in the same way as with chia seeds.

Vanilla smoothie

With these three medicinal ingredients and some other healthy ingredients we can also prepare a delicious vanilla smoothie to regulate the intestine every morning.


For this delicious smoothie we will need the following ingredients and quantities:

The prunes will provide the necessary sweetness to this smoothie so that we do not need to add sugar.

However, if we want it sweeter we can add a little honey or agave syrup.

If we want to give a more yellow color we will add a pinch of turmeric powder.

Vanilla smoothie to regulate the intestine naturally


To elaborate this recipe we will carry out the following steps:

  • The previous night we will put the chia seeds and the prunes to marinate in the glass of water.
  • In the morning we will process all the ingredients, including the water in which we have soaked the plums and chia.
  • Beware of prunes, which may have the bone, which we must remove before beating.
  • The texture should be quite thick and creamy, without lumps.
  • If we want more liquid, as a shake, we only have to add a little more water.

When to take it?

We recommend taking this smoothie on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, so that its effect is more powerful. If we are more hungry, we can have breakfast later, as long as we wait at least half an hour.

To make a bowel cleansing treatment we should take this drink for 15 days . It is best to do it seasonally, several times a year or when we feel the intestine more unbalanced.

This smoothie not only helps us regulate the intestine, but it is also a very healthy breakfast, suitable for energy and vitality, remineralize the body, prevent osteoporosis and .

For this reason, it is suitable for anyone who wants to have breakfast and start the day in a healthy way.

Vanilla smoothie to regulate the intestine naturally