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3 ways to prepare vegan shakes

Vegan smoothies are also known as smoothies, smoothies, juices, juices and merengadas. It is a word to designate, in general, the mixture of various ingredients and presented in liquid form for consumption as a beverage. Now, in the vegan diet, we must remember that the composition is always of vegetable origin. This means that they do not include milk, cream or other dairy products. When we are preparing these drinks, it is not enough to take a handful of vegetables and mix them in a blender. This is the error that

Delicious recipes to replace meat

There are different reasons why people stop eating meat. It may be because they are vegetarian or vegan, because the doctor told them not to eat so much red meat or because the prices of this food is getting higher and higher. The truth is that there are ways to enjoy food without having to consume it. Learn in the following article delicious recipes to replace meat. How to replace meat with other foods You can make all kinds of recipes that carry meat using foods that have a texture and

Easy and healthy vegetarian recipes for the whole day

In this article you will learn some simple and delicious vegetarian recipes to add to your recipe collection . In addition you can learn to make two vegetarian drinks to add to your daily routine and have a healthy and full of energy. Vegetarian recipes for breakfast Start the day with a glass of water with lemon. Cut a quarter of lemon and put it in a glass with eight ounces of water. Add a very small pinch of cayenne pepper powder. Lemon has a positive effect on the pH

Recipes to prepare vegetable pudding

When talking about consuming vegetables, many diners think of classic salads or soups. However, eating vegetables does not have to be boring; with an original vegetable pudding until the children will accept them without problem. To vary the menu and present an attractive, healthy dish, full of vitamins and nutrients nothing better than following the step by step of the following recipes of vegetable pudding. In addition, they are very economical and you can take advantage of all the vegetables that are in the fridge. Vegetable pudding three colors

Simple and healthy salads for a healthy diet

The salads are light, healthy and perfect as an accompaniment to main courses; They provide nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, important for the whole family; know some of them. SALAD OF MOZZARELLA Ingredients - 200 grams of fresh mozzarella - 100 grams of Cherry tomatoes - 50 grams of radishes - Oregano - Salt - Extra virgin olive oil Preparation mode Add the drained and sliced ​​mozzarella, the Cherrys tomatoes and the sliced

Hummus of super-light chickpeas

The hummus of chickpeas has become the favorite of many thanks to its wide spread as a vegetarian and vegan appetizer. However, this typical preparation of Arab cuisine is very well known in the Mediterranean and the rest of the Middle East. It is believed that the recipe originated in ancient Egypt. Although the last word has not yet been said about it, there is the certainty that the word hummus means 'garbanzo' in Arabic. It is usually served as an accompaniment or as an appetizer , hence it has become so

Recipe of jasmine rice with pumpkin

It is an exquisite and healthy combination. These recipes of jasmine rice with pumpkin will be protagonists at the table and the family's pampered. They are rich dishes loaded with nutrients, a delight for the palate and for the body. The delicious nutty flavor of jasmine rice and its floral aroma envelop a content of vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body. Pumpkin is a source of vitamins A, B, C and E and rich in minerals such as potassium, Recipe of jasmine rice with pumpkin Ingredients

Recipes of homemade tomato soup

The homemade tomato soup is a simple and delicious dish, perfect as first for any meal or for a dinner. Here we show you how to prepare it with a series of easy steps to follow, so you do not need to be very skilled in the culinary arts. These two recipes are similar although they have different nuances. The first will allow us to prepare a tomato soup that supports various vegetables. Once we know how to prepare this recipe, we can customize it according to our preferences. 1. Homemade

Delicious vegan recipe: soba noodle salad and tempeh

The salad of soba and tempeh noodles is an excellent alternative to add a lot of flavor to the daily diet. This vegan recipe is inspired by the exquisite Indonesian cuisine, so it is full of color and flavor. Along with this exotic origin, we find an extremely nutritious and healthy salad. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it fairly regularly. Despite being a vegan meal, the soba and tempeh noodle salad can be liked by all kinds of diners, since its flavor is extraordinary. In fact, it is one of

Flavored corn tortillas, discover how to make them

Corn tortillas are a perfect snack for any lunch or snack. With them we can prepare a large number of simple dishes to eat between meals. However, some people consider them somewhat simple and insipid. Therefore, we show you how to prepare flavored corn tortillas, which will provide different nuances as we wish. With these preparations we can prepare delicious corn tortillas with which to take different types of wraps , or Simply fill in these flavored corn tortillas with some of our favorite ingredients to make for a wonderful meal.