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Vitamin C cream: antioxidant and skin regenerator

Health experts and specialists in dermatology are aware of the importance of caring for and promoting the health of our skin. That is why they have spent years investigating which are the best products for their care.

In that sense, lotions , creams, serums, ampoules, milks, foams, etc. They come to complement the care we give our skin with a good diet and an appropriate intake of water.

Among all the products for skin care, the cream with vitamin C is one of the most recommended by specialists.

In addition to keeping the skin hydrated, it has multiple properties. These make it considered one of the basic products to maintain a cutaneous surface in perfect condition. It is ideal to protect us from all the negative effects that agents that are outside can cause.

What is vitamin C and what is it for?

Vitamin C cream: antioxidant and skin regenerator

Ascorbic acid, which is what we commonly know as vitamin C, is an essential and necessary substance in the proper functioning of the human body. This water-soluble vitamin that is derived from the metabolism of glucose is essential for healthy skin.

It is involved in the synthesis of collagen , proteins, lipids, norepinephrine, serotonin, L-carnitine and also intervenes in the metabolism of histamine, tyrosine and phenylalanine. It also promotes the formation of vitamin E, necessary for smooth, soft, healthy and elastic skin.

The human organism does not have the capacity to produce or accumulate ascorbic acid for a long time. For that reason, this vitamin must be provided by means of food, supplements or creams , among others. This ensures an adequate supply and maintains an optimal level of this important substance.

  • Its maximum concentration in the body can be achieved in organs such as the liver, brain, spleen, adrenal glands, thyroid and eye (mainly in the vitreous).
  • Ascorbic acid can also be found in the skin, but at a very low level , which is why it is necessary to apply products that can offer a direct supply of vitamin C to this great protective organ.

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Why is vitamin C so important for skin?

Vitamin C cream: antioxidant and skin regenerator

Among the most important properties of ascorbic acid is its role as a powerful antioxidant, as well as being an excellent regenerator of skin cells.

This quality as an antioxidant also serves to protect the skin from premature aging due to solar radiation .

If we apply creams with adequate content of ascorbic acid on the surface of our skin, its antioxidant benefits can be obtained.

In this way we will achieve:

  • Avoid the effects of free radicals on the metabolism of skin cells, decreasing the early onset of signs of aging.
  • Prevent the appearance of brown spots, marked lines or wrinkles.
  • In addition, being an essential element of collagen synthesis, it has the property of regenerating skin cells, returning to the skin its characteristic flexibility and tone.

To add, this vitamin brings light luminosity to the skin. For these and other reasons, it has become one of the main components of dermatological products, with a minimum concentration of 5%.

The creams with vitamin C have reached a very high level of popularity in the care of female skin, especially in the ranges of antiaging .

Then we will see some of the products whose formulation can appreciate a vitamin C content:

Different products for skin with vitamin C

1. Cream formulation

It is not surprising that we can find products with a concentration of ascorbic acid in its purest form on the market. These are able to repair the skin structure with great efficiency .

  • They return the luminosity to the skin, and diminish wrinkles and spots in a remarkable way.

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2. Serums

Vitamin C cream: antioxidant and skin regenerator

The cosmetics market has also launched serums capable of offering maximum hydration, preventing and diminishing the signs of aging.

  • These products serve, fundamentally, to stimulate the production of collagen , so important in middle age.

Look at all the options you have at your fingertips and think about which ones are best for you according to your skin type and preferences.

Vitamin C cream: antioxidant and skin regenerator