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Was a person who was unfaithful always?

It is the big argument, when someone forgives an infidelity, it is usually mentioned that if this person was unfaithful once, it always will be . A very common way of cataloging people, when it comes to loving habits, is to say that they will repeat their acts.

However, it is not always necessary to be so forceful or exclusive to define human behavior. The truth is that there are many factors that must be analyzed to reach such conclusions. Therefore it is important to know what to look for to identify if that person who was unfaithful always will be.

Most common causes that lead to infidelity

To determine the recidivism or not of a person who was unfaithful, all aspects must be considered. And however painful it may be, the causes that led to it are also important . Among them, the most repeated are:

  • Little commitment to the relationship. This could translate into a lack of love or little interest in truly continuing with this story.
Was a person who was unfaithful always?
  • An attachment-avoidant disorder . They are personalities that have too high expectations with respect to what they should receive from their company, and everything is too little for them.
  • Decrease in sexual attraction. It can happen that a person is no longer so attracted to his partner and begins to notice third parties.
  • Differences in couple priorities. The lack of agreement in the time that is dedicated to the relationship, the sexual frequency , etc., are cause for many infidelities.
  • Loss of dialogue When the habit of conversing is lost, the connection between the two begins to deteriorate to the point of feeling that they no longer know each other.
  • Extreme egocentrism. People with high self-centeredness who need to feel always admired and desired by others have a high propensity to be unfaithful.

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Is it possible to define according to the causes if the person who was unfaithful always will be?

In reality nothing is decisive, therefore it is not safe to give an affirmative answer. Although it can be accepted as accepted that those who have already gone over to the side of the infidels, are more likely to follow that path .

Infidelity has a very close connection to lying . Those who fall into it for the first time may feel guilt, but as they repeat the experience they lose that feeling and even come to take it as something normal of their essence.

Knowing the causes helps to understand why this deception occurred, but it is not a certainty that it will happen again. It serves to try together to evaluate what are the chances of succeeding in a new attempt in the couple.

Was a person who was unfaithful always?

When can a person who has been unfaithful change?

Those who are deliberating whether or not to give a new opportunity to an infidel, there are some tips that can help to make the right decision.

1. Recognize your responsibility

So that a person does not make the same mistakes again, he must be able to recognize that it was his responsibility . If, on the contrary, you try to justify yourself focusing on some fault of your partner, surely you will always be unfaithful.

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2. Having the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your partner

In addition to accepting that the damage caused to the relationship must demonstrate true repentance. Only if he is able to understand and even feel the pain he caused, can he truly value the person he has by his side. Giving a real meaning to loyalty that is promised is the way to avoid falling into new temptations.

3. Patience for reproaches

Putting the limits to the reproach stage is fine, but you also have to answer the questions that appear . Well with his infidelity causes a whirlwind of doubt in his partner who can only evacuate. And you must do it, with patience and above all, with the truth .

4. Open the heart for a deep dialogue

Both have to open their hearts, calm down and sit down and seriously analyze what happened. Understanding the causes together allows you to rearm the relationship from a positive place. That is, they can know what their shortcomings were to act now in a different way, repairing and healthy.


There are no absolute formulas to determine without a person who was unfaithful will always be. But there are indications of personalities that tend to be unfaithful again and again, despite all efforts.

Loving oneself, valuing oneself and facing situations with the truth is always the key to being happy.

Was a person who was unfaithful always?