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Peel-off masks with gelatin to revitalize the skin

Nowadays, men and women regularly use commercial and homemade A very versatile element for this type of treatments is gelatin. Its composition rich in collagen and its sticky texture is ideal for dragging impurities present in the skin. The best thing is that we can mix this product with other food and natural elements . This union can provide us with different alternatives for the care of our epidermis. Tea tree oil mask For your preparation, what you need are three teaspoons of gelatin and a spoonful of

8 food and health tips for those who want to practice sports

If we plan to do more exercise to tone or gain muscle, to lose weight or to keep in shape, there are some tips that we should follow to do it in a correct and effective way. Discover in this article 8 food and health tips for those who want to practice sports and get the most out of it. Start practicing sport Have you proposed to start practicing sport or do you want to do it in a more effective way? It is a great goal to keep you healthy

How to prevent and relieve the stiffness?

When the exercise is resumed, after a period of rest, the beginning of the activity brings with it an odious consequence: the stiffness. Late-onset muscle pain (DMAT) is popularly known as stiffness. This is because, the pain is perceived as if it were "needles" or punctures. It is an intense pain of the skeletal muscle that appears as a consequence of physical activity of a certain intensity to which we are not accustomed. Usually, last from 3 to 7 days. Stiffness affects both the person who just started a

7 great natural sources of folic acid

Folic acid is a type of synthetic vitamin B. The natural presence of this vitamin in vegetables, fruits, leaves and grains is often also called folate, but the exact name is folate or vitamin B9. However, beyond the technicalities, natural or synthetic, folic acid is a vitamin widely known as essential for , since it reduces the development of congenital defects in the fetus, such as the neural tube. However, folic acid, along with the whole complex of B vitamins, is associated with numerous processes in the human body, so its deficiency

3 tips to treat gastric acidity

Gastric or stomach acidity, also known as heartburn, is one of the most common conditions in humans. As its name indicates, it is produced thanks to the acids present in the stomach . The main characteristic of this condition is the discomfort and burning sensation in the area of ​​the esophagus . Although it originates in the To accurately locate the area affected by gastric acidity, it is recommended to have the lower part of the sternum bone as a reference point . If the discomfort develops from there, most likely

7 reasons why you should drink pear water

The pear is one of the healthy fruits that, due to its high nutritional value, has been valued as a complement to the diet. It is an interesting source of , natural acids and antioxidant compounds whose assimilation in the body improves health. It is usually consumed in its natural state, since its pulp is sweet and juicy ; However, there are those who prefer to prepare it in juices, salads and other recipes that take advantage of its flavor and properties. In fact, its preparation in water has become

7 reasons why you should eat more blue fish

Blue fish is one of the foods that has gained fame around the world, since its incorporation into the diet has many benefits. It is a variety of fish that stands out for its high concentration of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, nutrients that help in many aspects. Its calorie content is lower compared to other types of meat and also has vitamins and minerals that help meet the body's requirements. Best of all, it is very versatile in terms of its preparation and, since it is very well combined

7 habits that help you prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease of the bone system that increases the risk of fractures, severe pain and other symptoms that reduce the quality of life. Its main cause is calcium and vitamin D deficiency, although it is also related to hormonal changes, traumatisms and genetic factors. This is generated when the bone pieces undergo disintegration of their internal microarchitecture, which reduces their density, support capacity and strength. It often affects the bones of the hip, spine and hands , but can originate in any other area of ​​the bone structure.

How to prepare 5 natural exfoliants to combat granites on the arms

The granites in the arms are small alterations that are usually formed by the obstruction or infection of the hair follicles of the skin. These have a similar appearance to facial acne, although they tend to appear in more quantity, giving an irritated and unsightly appearance. In some cases they are produced by pillar keratosis , a condition in which the that connects to the follicles accumulates. However, most cases are mild and can be minimized with the application of cosmetic products such as natural exfoliants. In this opportunity

8 small changes you can make to improve your health

It is true that there are many diseases that occur due to genetic issues, hormonal changes or other factors that we can not control. However, a large number of health problems have to do with the habits of life we ​​practice, even when they seem harmless. While we are aware of the effects of sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, sometimes we ignore that our body is not exempt from suffering the consequences. The most worrying thing is that we make excuses not to improve our Due to this, the following