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6 ways to use lemon to beautify your skin

Lemon is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world. It is recognized by its particular acid taste that is easily combined with many other ingredients. Since ancient times it has been used in various gastronomic and medicinal preparations. In addition, it is also used at home and as a . Concentrates large doses of vitamin C, essential minerals and antioxidant compounds that improve both the health of internal organs and skin. Precisely today we want to review its uses as a cutaneous beauty product , since

Sugar and its unsuspected dangerous properties

Sugar, in its proper measure, is one of the main engines of the brain but also has harmful properties that can be dangerous. So the most advisable thing will always be to include the sugar in moderate amounts and not to establish our diet around it. To help you, we will tell you about the 7 dangerous properties of unsuspected sugar. In this way, you will not fall into temptation so easily and you can avoid collateral damage. Sugar and its unsuspected dangerous properties 1. Accelerates the aging of the

5 simple braids that will make you look beautiful

Braids that will make you look beautiful and take your time 1. After seeing these beautiful simple braids you will want to use each one of them every day. Since they will not occupy more than five minutes and you can use them for any occasion, even to stay at home. 2. In addition, you can take the opportunity to combine them with beautiful accessories such as hats or headbands. Since you never find the ideal time to use them. The different styles to wear a braid are very

How to avoid sagging on the face with 6 facial exercises

Facial flaccidity is one of the aesthetic problems that affect the beauty of women. It is produced by a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin , two substances that are responsible for maintaining the firmness and youth of the skin. This causes the dermal tissue to sag and, in turn, increases the appearance of wrinkles and premature signs of aging. Although it is part of the biological process of Luckily, it is a problem that can be controlled , since there are many products and habits that, incorporated

3 homemade tricks to cover gray hair

With almost total security, on occasion we have found a white hair . Perhaps, the first time the surprise reaction was great. However, over the years, it was mitigated and we became accustomed to the presence of gray hair. These are normal in all people , especially in those individuals of or with certain problems in the body. What are gray? In themselves, they are still the strands belonging to the hair. However, they take on a grayish or whitish color. This color occurs as

7 simple tips to overcome depression

Depression is an emotional health problem that can be caused by specific situations, hormonal changes or environmental factors. It is a state in which the person is immersed in a deep sadness , in addition to remaining irritable and without wanting to live as he used to. It is increasingly common among children and adolescents, but anyone can suffer at some point in their lives. The most serious is that their symptoms are often overlooked and, in the absence of , the consequences can be serious. For this reason,

Protection of the ears when swimming

The protection of the ears when swimming is necessary to prevent infections and other unnecessary discomforts. Swimming is one of the favorite activities of summer. However, in doing so we must take precautions to protect the ears. Both the beach and the pool house hundreds of pathogens, and the ears are among the organs that are most defenseless. External ear infections are one of the most frequent diseases during vacations. The combination of water and heat generate an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Human agglomeration accelerates the

10 beauty tricks that are priceless

We all want to look impeccable, however, we do not always get it. With these homemade beauty tricks you will achieve it and we assure you that they are very easy to get. They have no price, you just have to write them down and put them into practice. Soon you will notice the difference! 1. Get a nice hair If what you want is to get beautiful hair and your problem is that you have it especially greasy, salt can be a great ally. Bet on common salt

Benefits of honey for hair

It is possible that honey only know the innumerable nutritional properties that contributes to health. However, we have to tell you that honey has many benefits for hair care . In any case, it is a superfood that provides a lot of nutrients for the body. It's good is ideal to combat the damage suffered daily hair . It is a product that offers excellent results. Therefore, we will tell you some of the benefits that your hair can get with this viscous material. More vitamins and

Drowning symptoms after swimming

There may be cases in which hours after a near- Below, we detail the symptoms of drowning after swimming so you avoid more serious consequences. A little-known risk There have been cases of people, especially It is a type of It can be hours or even days later, but as a result of what happened during the dive. What happens is a dry or secondary drowning that affects the lungs in principle and involves the basic functions of the body. Far from causing anguish or worry, it