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What are flexitarians?

It is a term that began to become known in 2003 and already has many followers. It is, basically, in those people who base their diet on vegetables, legumes and cereals but that are “allowed” to consume red or white meats, periodically. Learn more about this food trend that already has thousands of followers.

Vegetarians or carnivores?

This is one of the most common questions that those who claim to be ” flexitarians ” have to answer. It is that in reality, they are in between both positions, but closer to the vegetarians, although sometimes, they can break the rules.

Their food is mainly products of vegetable origin and once or twice a week, a small portion of meat, chicken or fish . In this way, they say, they nourish themselves on the components of foods of animal origin. In addition, they are in charge to affirm that it is not a fashion, but that it is a way to call themselves, to differentiate themselves from the rest.

What are flexitarians?

Permissive diet

Considering that dairy products, fats and processed foods are not so beneficial for health, eating more vegetables and fruits can be an excellent solution. The problem is when you want to eat some meat, something that vegetarians are “forbidden” . At the beginning of the flexitarian diet, the body detoxifies little by little and allows you to feel better. The purpose, then, is to enjoy the food, without neglecting animal proteins. The rules of flexitarian are more free than those of vegetarians and even more so than that of vegans. So, you have a broader list of “allowed”:

  • Red meat
  • fish
  • chicken
  • seafood
  • pork
  • vegetables
  • cereals
  • fruits
  • vegetables

What are flexitarians?

Recommended flexitarian diet

  • Breakfast : bread, oats, fruits and seeds, to add complex carbohydrates to the body.
  • Mid morning : nuts, fruits or almonds
  • Lunch: lentils , chickpeas, quinoa or brown rice, along with salads or cooked vegetables
  • Snack : shake vegetables like spinach, fruits such as apples and a spoonful of chia seeds or flaxseed
  • Dinner: fish, seafood or chicken with cooked vegetables

As you can see, it is a very varied diet, which includes all the food groups and does not leave meat aside. However, do not base your plan on foods of animal origin.

Basically, it is a more “flexible” feed (hence the name derives). It can happen that the person in your house eats a vegetarian diet and when you go to eat out or to friends’ house you do not have problem in consuming meat either, that you also enjoy eating meats.

Images courtesy of Justin Smith and Ginny

What are flexitarians?