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What are the empty calories and what foods are found

You seek to lose weight so you measure what you eat, you try to avoid excesses and count your calories, right? But you do not know what the empty calories are.

The reality is that if you are not careful, you could be consuming them and limiting the results of your efforts . To help you avoid it, we will talk about them and the foods they are in.

What are empty calories

Empty calories are those that do not provide nutrients and, therefore, are not considered food either. energía que si no gastas, rápidamente se convierte en grasa que se acumula y te hace subir de peso. What you get from them is energy that if you do not spend, it quickly becomes fat that accumulates and makes you gain weight.

What are the empty calories and what foods are found

One of its main problems is that high-calorie empty foods usually contain sugars, dyes, saturated fats and trans fats in high amounts. For this reason, not only do they not contribute anything, they also generate health problems.

This class of calories is usually called “SoFAS” for its terms in English “Solid Fats and Added Sugars”. If you are someone who cares about your health, surely you will already know that these ingredients are on the list of prohibited in a healthy diet.

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So, should calories be avoided altogether?

After reading about the risks involved with empty calories, the question arises whether the calorie consumption should be kept to a minimum. The reality is that your body requires these elements to function properly.

Think of calories like the gasoline that moves your car. If you do not fill the tank, you will not get anywhere. However, you should be careful to choose foods that provide calories with nutrients.

According to the you must consume between 120 and 125 empty calories a day if you are an adult woman and 160 to 330 empty calories a day if you are an adult man .

Foods that contain empty calories

Among the foods that contain the most unusable calories and that you should avoid are:

Commercial cereals with sugar

Although you must include cereals in your daily diet to obtain carbohydrates, it is advisable to avoid the cash. These include corn instant and wheat derivatives.

What are the empty calories and what foods are found

While they may seem very healthy, they usually contain high amounts of sugars. In case your lifestyle requires quick options and this one seems the best, check the label.

Avoid those that contain high amounts of sugars, sodium and dyes per serving. The best thing would be to consume the high fiber although perhaps its flavor is not so pleasant.

Soft drinks and commercial drinks

Another product that contains high amounts of empty calories are commercial drinks. Here we can count the flavored waters, soft drinks, coffees, teas and any other that is ready for consumption.

While soft drinks and beverages advertised as light have less sugar, their calorie level remains high. y otros químicos que no aportan ningún beneficio a tu cuerpo. This is because to maintain freshness, color and flavor require sweeteners, and other chemicals that do not bring any benefit to your body.

Fried snacks

We know that occasionally you can have the craving to eat some chips while watching your TV series. Or maybe, you went to the movies and you can not avoid the popcorn. However, you should know that because of the way these foods are prepared, they give you saturated fats.

What are the empty calories and what foods are found

The best alternative is to prepare your own at home . If you fancy some movie popcorn, try to make the portion small and occasional. For chips at home, better prepare them fresh and baked. In this way you control salt and avoid fats.


calorías vacías que es mejor evitar. Both sweet bread and box breads provide a large amount of empty calories that it is best to avoid. We know that this is not easy because not everyone has the possibility to prepare their own bread.

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te recomendamos evitar los que son demasiado comerciales y han sido preparados con harinas refinadas . However, we recommend avoiding those that are too commercial and have been prepared with refined flours . Whenever you can, choose the integral options.

What are the empty calories and what foods are found