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What are the most difficult yoga poses?

When we practice yoga, if we have very little flexibility, maybe even some positions considered “easy” will be complicated. However, obviating this, there are some yoga poses more difficult than others. So much that not all people are capable of carrying them out.

It is necessary to mention that we are referring to making these postures in a way that is considered almost perfect. If you are a beginner in this practice we do not recommend that you try to do them, because you could harm them.

The most difficult yoga poses

Next, let’s try some of the more difficult yoga poses. This does not mean that they are impossible to do , but that they require much more time to do them without hurting us.

1. Sitting balance posture

What are the most difficult yoga poses?

This is one of the first difficult yoga poses that consists of squatting , with your hands together at chest level, and trying to take a straight leg forward.

The leg must be parallel to the ground and our back has to stay straight . It is not a very comfortable position and you have to have a great balance control. It is not a pose suitable for beginners .

Sometimes the leg, instead of stretching, can rest on top of the other . In this case, the posture will resemble sitting in the lotus position, but with a squatting foot that is holding us.

2. Tittibhasana

This is another of the most complicated yoga poses to perform. The way to carry it out is by squatting, with palms resting on the ground.

The arms may be slightly flexed and we will bring the knees to our forearms. The weight of the body should fall on our arms and hands . When we feel safe, we will stretch our legs to the front.

What are the most difficult yoga poses?

This position requires not only balance , but also strength . The arms should support the body so that it does not collapse and so that it can keep the legs in the desired position.

3. The wheel

Although this yoga posture does not seem to involve a high difficulty, the truth is that it is quite uncomfortable at first. Before carrying it out we should be lying on your back.

In this position, we will support our palms on the ground and exert upward force to elevate our body . We will try, now, to take our legs to our hands looking for the desired shape.

There is a variant of this posture that is the half wheel , much more intense. It’s about, instead of keeping your arms stretched out, supporting them at a 90 degree angle, letting your forearms rest on the ground.

What are the most difficult yoga poses?

4. Shirshasana

This fourth of the most difficult yoga poses is nothing more than “the pine” . A position in which we have to play with balance and concentration so that our body is able to maintain this pose.

To do it we will place ourselves in the position of Balasana , only that we intertwine our hands and put them over our heads. After this, we will raise our legs like on a mountain and walk forward.

As our spine rises, we will put our heads on the ground held by our hands and try to raise our legs . At the beginning, it is advisable to do it with a support (a trellis or a wall): this way we will make sure not to fall down.

What are the most difficult yoga poses?

When we are familiar with this position we can move our legs in different positions and even create a kind of letter “C” with our body. The possibilities are endless.

Also, when we no longer have any problem in performing this pose, we can do it with stretched arms.

5. Bakasana

The last of the most difficult yoga poses is similar to sitting posture. Only, in this case, the legs will remain flexed and supported in the back .

What are the most difficult yoga poses?

All these postures are very complicated to do and require a very good yoga base to carry them out successfully . It is necessary, at the beginning, to practice them with certain security . Do not forget that its difficulty can lead to injury easily.

Have you ever tried to make any of these positions? Are you in advanced yoga or beginner? Yoga is a very beneficial practice and perfecting our positions will allow us to achieve greater balance, concentration and strength.

What are the most difficult yoga poses?